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Your Crowdfunding Campaign Pre-Flight Checklist

Day in and day out I shake my head when I see a sloppy crowdfunding campaign.  A poorly run crowdfunding campaign can’t raise as much money as it can in the same way a bucket with holes can’t collect as much water as it can.

Airplanes only takeoff after a pre-flight checklist has been consulted and reviewed.  If and only if the entire list of items has been verified to be in good order does the plane take off.

Everyone should apply the same philosophy with regard to launching their crowdfunding project.

Here’s your crowdfunding pre-flight checklist:

1) Proofread your crowdfunding campaign.  Are there spelling mistakes? Grammatical errors? Big gaps in information? Fix them and fill in the blanks! Read your crowdfunding project listing top to bottom no less than three times and make sure all the writing flows and nothing is obviously wrong with spelling, verb tense, noun usage, grammar, etc.  Insure your story is being told completely and there’s a clear explanation of why you need your crowdfunding funds and how the funds raised in the crowdfunding project will be applied. Potential backers to your crowdfunding project will be much less inclined to back a crowdfunding campaign that has errors or omissions.

2) If your crowdfunding project links to your website make sure there is a website to click through to.  Roughly 25% of the time I see a website that is either under construction, not ready for the public or just plain old not available at all with DNS errors.  This pours cold water on your crowdfunding campaign. We strongly suggest you have your website online and fully functional.  We all understand this isn’t always possible.  If your website is not ready for the public then don’t link your crowdfunding project to it at all.

3) Give potential backers several ways to reach you.   All too often I see ZERO ways of contacting the campaign people beyond the standard “Contact Me” link on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc.  You must include your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Website, etc. information.  When you run a crowdfunding campaign you know you’re asking people for money and people nowadays are understandably skeptical.  Give potential crowdfunding backers an abundance of information about you, your company or your cause.  This is a case where less is NOT more.  Provide as many links as you can to all of your social media accounts and your website.  More and more we’re seeing people doing their homework before deciding to fund a crowdfunding campaign even for $1.

2014 is here and our biggest goal has been and still remains to help as many people as we can achieve their crowdfunding goals.  We can provide the prescription but you have to take the medicine.