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Writing a Crowdfunding Campaign

Writing a crowdfunding campaign? Let the words tell the story — not pictures.

While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, words are worth as much as gold when it comes to Google and the other search engines. That’s because the search engines can only index text — not graphics. When writing a crowdfunding story you need to bear this in mind.


All of the established crowdfunding platforms are indexed by Google, Yahoo! and Bing constantly which means that your new crowdfunding project will very likely appear in the search engines within 48 hours of your launch. That’s exciting information for those of you wise enough to have the foresight in seeing the advantage of having your crowdfunding project rank very highly in the search engines – especially if you’re crowdfunding for a product or a service.


Because when people use Google or Yahoo! or Bing or – heck, maybe even or or some other ancient, forgotten search engine – to find their next golf club, blender or new horror film they could find your crowdfunding project and decide to back you. Result? You’re one backer closer to crowdfunding success!

That’s why we see to it that every crowdfunding press release we write is loaded with valuable SEO woven into the words with the artistic grace of a sculptor or a painter. Then we fire off that press release all over the world with all of the power of a howitzer blast and make sure it’s picked up by all of the search engines.

As crowdfunding tips go, this one is very valuable. Even the most visually appealing campaigns can use extra help. And why shouldn’t successful crowdfunding campaigns be more successful?

Check out this example of a graphics-loaded crowdfunding story from one of our own most recent success stories.

Now compare it to this one where the story was actual text with images used only to showcase the project itself.

On a side by side comparison the GoDJ project raised over 400% more money than the iMusicThings project did. Both succeeded and we’re very proud of our effective crowdfunding promotion services in both cases. Yet we can’t help but notice that one project did so much better than the other at the end of the day in a sub-niche of music where the target audience is very small relative to many other kinds of campaigns.

A parting thought – “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” -Rudyard Kipling