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viral crowdfunding

Viral Crowdfunding

Viral Crowdfunding – How to Raise $3 Million in 30 Days

On September 14th Carson King accidentally redefined viral crowdfunding. He was in the bleachers at a football game and held up a sign asking for beer money and supplied his Venmo address.  Within minutes $400 landed in his account.  That trickle turned into a tsunami and Carson King ended up raising $3 million

What started out as a joke turned into the most sensational example of viral crowdfunding in history and led to a $3 million donation to a children’s hospital.  The happy ending to that story has a second part; Carson ended up with a year’s supply of beer.

So how did this young guy do it? He reached out to the crowd for money.  That’s crowdfunding in a nutshell.  So he holds up his sign, stands out from the crowd and it so happened that ESPN TV cameras picked it up as they panned the crowds.  Football fans all over the country saw that sign.  Then word spread fast. The rest, as they say, was history.

viral crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Public Relations Makes It Possible

When was the last time a Facebook ad went viral? Or a Google banner? It probably never happened. Yet organic content goes viral all the time.  A YouTube video,  a very funny joke or a heart-warming clip on Twitter.  Ditto website articles and video clips and pictures from a college football game showing a dude holding a sign up asking for beer money.

Gary Vaynerchuk always talks about the importance of content.  Not ads.  Organic content.  Organic content has the potential to go viral.  The publicity Carson generated is what enabled him to shatter all viral crowdfunding records in terms of time elapsed (23 days to be exact) and the amount raised.

Crowdfunding PR is your path to pursuing viral crowdfunding.  That’s because all publicity is organic and therefore capable of going viral.