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Tips to Promote a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is quickly emerging as an excellent alternative to government grant or traditional bank loans. These campaigns can certainly do wonders for people who have an idea to sell or a worthy cause to promote. This is particularly useful for business startups looking to avoid debt at the very beginning of their journey. Additionally, crowdfunding is highly effective in creating awareness about a new venture. However, creating and managing a crowdfunding campaign is not really an easy task. Achieving the desired outcome requires a thorough marketing and promotional strategy right from day one.

Always remember that it is never sufficient to sit back and wait for achieving the funding goal to happen on its own. According to recent data, 12% of all Kickstarter campaigns end up without a single pledge. Therefore, it is important to be extremely proactive and build a comprehensive promotional strategy for your campaign. You might say that effective crowdfunding promotion is the missing ingredient to make your crowdfunding campaign complete.

There are three different target groups to be addressed in order to promote crowdfunding campaigns and you must have different promotional approach for all of them. The first group consists of people in your personal network such as neighbors, colleagues, family members, friends, etc. The second group is all about your social media contacts, fans, or subscribers. Finally, the third group will comprise of a completely new bunch of people that you need to attract. And that’s where we come in.

Make a list of all your acquaintances and social media/email contacts that you feel may support your campaign. However, the way to approach a business associate should never be same as that for a friend or family member. Therefore, it is important that you contact each of these contacts in a personalized manner. It is also a great idea to have some interested friends or acquaintances to get involved in a larger way by welcoming their input about the campaign.

While promoting your crowdfunding campaign, it is very important for you to be able to identify people who can play a crucial role behind your campaign’s success. For example, if your are looking to start a holiday resort, it is a great idea to engage tour operators, travel guides, or any other person associated with the tourism industry.

In addition to these offline strategies, it is a must these days to make use of the internet to create crowdfunding buzz about your campaign. The landing page of your campaign plays a very important role as well. Always add a video in your landing page and avoid information overload. Do not forget to mention your funding target and the purpose of funding.

An online press release is an excellent promotional tool because you can reach out to millions of people across the world in no time. Make your press release stand out from the rest by making use of videos, screenshots, images, informational graphics, etc. Distribute your press release through one of many renowned distribution platforms. Social media sharing is equally important to promote your content. You can also sign up with different blogger outreach and guest blogging platforms to have different sites writing about your project. We can definitely help you with in these areas and extend the reach of promoting a crowdfunding campaign to the world.

Crowdfunding continues to become more and more competitive by the day in this tough economic market. However, it is possible to achieve success here if the correct techniques are followed. To find out more about achieving surefire success in your crowdfunding campaign, please contact us today.