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the power of publicity

The Power of Publicity

The Power of Publicity – What an Alien High School Play Taught Us

When the students and faculty of the North Bergen High School drama club decided to go with Alien for the school play, nobody could have dreamed the power of publicity would kick in and turn this high school play on a shoestring budget into an international sensation.

Coverage of this New Jersey high school play took on an international scope; The New York Times, CNN, Time Magazine, The Daily Mail of England, WGN TV in Chicago, WPIX TV in New York City, CBS New York, The New York Daily News, KTLA TV in Los Angeles, USA Today among many, many other news and media outlets shined the media spotlight on this school play.

Even show business news sources Deadline Hollywood & Entertainment Weekly got on the bandwagon.

the power of publicity

Nobody saw this coming.

That’s the point of the power of publicity; you just never know.  You never know what will resonate with the public at any given moment to propel something to go viral.  It’s a fair bet that the future for the two teachers involved as well as all of the students just got a lot brighter in ways predictable and in ways unimaginable.

This is a teachable moment when it comes to crowdfunding PR.  If you’re running a crowdfunding campaign you must launch some sort of  crowdfunding public relations campaign to throw your hat in the ring of public opinion and give the masses the opportunity to learn about your crowdfunding campaign.

Selfless plug time; we never fail to generate publicity and get eyeballs for our clients through our crowdfunding PR services.   It’s impossible to predict where lightning will strike next or what will tickle the public’s fancy and go viral. It’s also impossible for crowdfunding public relations to work if you don’t put your campaign out there and give the power of publicity a chance to work for you.