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The Most Effective Method To Spread The Word About Your CrowdFunding Campaign

As a matter of fact, many promising crowdfunding campaigns across all major platforms fail not because they were not able to find enough supporters for their crowdfunding project or even a potential audience but because of the fact that they don’t know how to reach potential visitors to their crowdfunding campaign effectively and drive crowds to their crowdfunding project page. Launching a crowdfunding campaign is not just setting up the project and later forgetting it; it requires a major commitment before, during and even after the crowdfunding campaign.

This article is focused on guiding you with the best practicse needed for running a successful crowdfunding campaign. By following the strategies mentioned in this article you will have a greater chance of reaching your goal rather than attempting a trial and error method.

The best and most effective way to promote your campaign is via YouTube. YouTube is the leader in online video and it is the world’s biggest video platform and a premier destination to watch videos online. YouTube is considered one of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience for your crowdfunding project very easily without spending a penny.

Getting your audience to watch your campaign video on YouTube is great but how will you direct them to your campaign page so that they can fund you? This article provides you some knowledge on how to use You Tube efficiently to spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign. With these tips, you would be able to direct you tube traffic to your organization’s crowd-funding campaign page and thereby not drive a successful crowd-funding campaign but also achieve a successful fund raising campaign as well.

Direct your YouTube subscribers to Google+ Circles.

With the help of this new YouTube capability, you can attract larger set of audience to your campaign and add them to your Google+ circle by showcasing your YouTube video. For crowdfunders, this is one the most exciting features of YouTube because it helps you share information and other updates about your crowdfunding campaign and helps you to contact all the backers of your crowdfunding project. Google+ offers multiple admin user capabilities and the manager of Google+ can manage the YouTube channel also.

Use The Annotation Function of YouTube as a Link to Your Page.

This amazing function of You Tube helps to enrich your video with more information, interactivity and engagement. This capability of YouTube allows you to place text, links and hot spots over your video; you can also customize and edit your annotation for changing the annotation timing, change the font type, color, size and position. You can place an annotation anywhere in the video and they can be linked to external pages such as your crowdfunding campaign.

Make Description Links to Your Crowdfunding Page.

While writing description about your page try to add your campaign’s link into the description. If the link to your crowdfunding project page is too long make it short. Make sure to link your campaign at the beginning of the description for maximum effect.

Post Campaign Updates

Another effective and efficient way to keep your subscribers in touch with your crowdfunding campaign is try to engage them by updating some information about your campaign every now and then, especially if you promised crowdfunding perks.