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The Monetary Insufficiency

The Monetary Insufficiency – What Sheldon Cooper Taught Us About Crowdfunding Reality in 60 Seconds

The entire episode – as usual – is a hoot but we want to focus here at roughly the 2 minute time mark when the Kickstarter conversation comes up. You’ ll laugh. I did.  And I’m laughing again right now as I write this.

The writers of The Big Bang Theory nailed Kickstarter in just about one minute in three key areas:

  1. Does anybody WANT what you’re crowdfunding for?
  2. Is your funding goal realistic?
  3. Do your perks make any kind of sense?

Too many people launching a crowdfunding campaign make crowdfunding success impossible through their own misconceptions.  Over the years I’ve seen too many people who suffered from what I call “voluntary dementia”.  That is to say, these people deny or ignore facts, reality and a flood of good information and instead choose to live in a bubble of a fantasy world where truth and fact have no place and a millionaire is minted every time they have a brain fart.

Can you see what happens next? Yes.  You pegged it.  The imaginary millionaire has their bubble burst and are forced to face reality.They have a crowdfunding fail.

Rather than exploring the reasons why crowdfunding success escaped them they choose to cast blame everywhere but where it truly belongs.

First they blame all of the stupid people that populate planet earth.  All those billions of people who aren’t smart enough to see how “EPIC” the offering is.

Then they blame the marketing and promotion.  That’s people like me who ARE smart enough to NOT work for free up on the pure speculation you MIGHT hit your funding goal.  Dismissing the honesty considerations and the possible enforcement options available to a crowdfunding promotion firm due a commission for crowdfunding success, there is the pure, unfiltered reality that two out of every three crowdfunding campaigns fail.

A crowdfunding promotion company running their company on those odds of a payout would be better off in Las Vegas trying to win money at the tables in Caesar’s Palace.  Gambling there has better odds than betting on crowdfunding success.

Monetary insufficiency in crowdfunding is directly linked to reality insufficiency.  Thank you Dr. Cooper and Dr. Hofstadter for showing us the way to crowdfunding success.