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crowdfund buzz reviews

Hollywood actor and film producer Craig Rees gives us two thumbs up for our public relations work on his film Whispers.

Howard with Ambassador Sam Zakham – Ambassador to Bahrain during President Ronald Reagan AND a White House advisor to President George HW Bush. He’s done lots of other cool stuff too.

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Crowdfunding Platform founder Bernardo Pereira speaks to our honesty, integrity & hard work in pursuit of crowdfunding success.


Late night TV star David Bronstein shares his enthusiasm with how much money we helped him raise for his own TV and video productions.

Entertainment Celebrity EG Daily – Hollywood Star, TV Personality And Award-Winning Singer and her entourage loved our work…


The same day we distributed the crowdfunding press release for Adam Paulin’s Joule Caffeine Bracelet, the Joule was featured on The Fox News Channel and Fox affiliates all over the United States.


A couple of weeks later, we got Adam interviewed on KRTH – Houston’s largest news, weather and traffic radio station during the most valuable airtime of all; AM drive.

Adam’s response? “Awesome, thanks a lot, Howard!”

Here are many other crowdfunding testimonials we’re proud of…

crowdfund buzz reviews

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crowdfund buzz reviews

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Hollywood legend Paul Olsen (left) launched an Indiegogo project….

pe…to rebuild the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture USS Enterprise on a grander scale…

… Paul invited us to join the team and help.  We were honored.  Howard’s been a Star Trek fan since he was a kid…

pe-testimonial-1…The project far exceeded the original published goal and the whole team was very happy with Howard’s performance.


Mary Shulenberger, CEO of EyeQ shows off her cutting-edge smart phone video and photo technology at the Global Crowdfunding Convention and has glowing things to say about us! As always, we put our clients and their crowdfunding campaigns first so you’ll hear Mary’s glowing words about at in the next 30-45 seconds of the video.

Andreas r.k. Warnsing and Lino Alioli of California Wind exhibit products from their upcoming crowdfunding campaign and have only glowing Crowdfund Buzz reviews. In keeping with our tradition, our clients and their projects come fist so look out for the praise we received from these gentlemen in the last minute or so.

You have given me solid gold and I am humbled by your support of this project. I feel very lucky to have found someone (other than a shyster) to help and support through this unfamiliar territory of crowdfunding. You bring my excitement and expectation back full force to me, thank you.” – Steve K, Caribbean Cruises

“You’re really awesome!” – Ruth Hedges, noted crowdfunding expert and architect of the JOBS act.

“After you being so generous and gracious to me, could I really do anything less? Thank you again, and if you need a recommendation, let me know. You’ve always done great by me!” – Carl K

“You are a generous and kind person.” – Bernardo Pereira

“Thanks Howard. We just exceeded 20% of our goal and my hopes are that we reach 50% today to get it noticed by the Kickstarter algorithms or however it’s done. Shabbat Shalom, and thanks for promoting my campaign.”– Brian B.

“Thank you Howard! Love the update and continuous communication.” – Doris S.

“Thank you. I’ve hired the perfect lead on this project; your expertise speaks volumes.” – Marck E.

“Many thanks for your email, especially your good proposals. I will read them carefully and do what I can. Thanks again for your endeavors and cooperation for my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.” – Qiao

“That’s amazing. I don’t know how you do it. I definitely appreciate all of the help I can get. You’re the best. Again, I am very humbled and thankful for your help. This is more than I could have ever done on my own.” – Dominique L.

“You are amazing Howard! Thank you very much.” – Ashton G.

“I am very happy with Howard’s input so far. He has made a number of valuable suggestions already that are very useful, and clearly, should help the project to be successful. That said, I want to make clear that while CrowdfundBuzz can be very helpful, you can’t just sit back and expect them to provide enough donors to make your project a success. That will take considerable work on your part. You will need to pitch your project to as many friends, family, and associates as you can by email, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, I strongly suggest that you get their input in crafting your crowdfunding video and web site. Your presentation has to excite people about your project as much as you are excited. If so, others will contribute. By the way, my compliments to you and your company on your “at-your-service” attitude. As you well know, that is such a rarity in today’s business world, despite lip-service by most other companies.” – Allen W.

“Howard, Don’t you just know how to make a woman’s day! I wanted to thank you personally so much for taking such good care of myself and Nohemie. We really appreciate everything you are doing for us to get our project out to the world!with smiles and kind regards.” – Doris F.

“Thank you Howard. I really noticed extra People coming since you start, this Project is promoting it self, and I believe its on the right hands now. it gonna go big with you guys, I really appreciate what are you doing, I am so excited I cant wait, I was so picky when I gave to you guys, our success is yours, thank you again.” – Melanie and Ahmed

“So pleased I chose you all great points which I will address this afternoon your night time.” – Peter S.

“Hey Howard, My teams raised $2335 in the first 24 hours, 39% of our goal. You can use that to advertise. Best!” – Shane M.

“Thank You, Just what I always want to hear, Straight honesty. Thank you for your input and not just trying to make a dollar.” – Donald H.

“Just informed by Kickstarter that get to the gray is now a staff pick! Thanks man. Killer work.” – Jeremy L.

“Thank you very much for the press release , and I must say WOW ! Beautiful work indeed!” – Maksim S.

“Your response time is great.” – Keith Marshall

“With all of the valuable consulting advice you’ve given me, I feel like I should be sending you more money!” – Jack Barton

“You totally changed my life with your crowdfunding consulting!” – Maryanne McMullen

“Hey Howard, Our campaign has since launched and passed our goal of $10,000 in under 50 minutes! From my experience and from reading a lot of Kickstarter stories, incredibly fast funding periods are always newsworthy and cause for celebration and praise – you can see the projects’ final form to see how you may decide to modify our story. I’ll be reviewing your revised draft in the interim and we can discuss our thoughts: Thanks Howard!” – Viktor G

“I love the crowdfunding advertising services you guys provide. We got the best ROI from your company than any other we worked with.” – Khierstyn Ross, EntrepreneurUncut.Com

Frankie Russo, a talk show host on WABC 770 AM in New York City,gives Howard an EPIC testimonial and a solid thumbs up to Crowdfund Buzz! Check out the first eight minutes where Frankie talks all about his Indiegogo campaign.

“I thought your services were great & all encompassing!” – Adam Paulin of Thin Ice

“Howard, The press release is brilliant! You’re such a good writer, and you hit all our main points perfectly. Thank you” – Melissa

“Howard & Matthew! The BumBee Seat – A Kickstarter Design Project reached 100% of our Funding Goal this Morning! (editorial note – he had 49 days to go on his project when he emailed us!) Thank You!!!”
– James Canova<

“Dear Howard, This press release is very good ! 🙂 I am very admirative, the person who wrote that is very smart. I do not know who he/she is, please compliment this person.” – Alice Audouin

“HI Howard we raised $10,000 in the first day!!!” – Michael Strickland

“Howard, I must say, I am impressed with this write up [ referring to his crowdfunding press release ]. It seems you understand exactly how the app works. Great job! I think it is perfect. Thank you” – Rich Martinez

“Hello Howard, I must add what a brilliant press release you’ve made! I’m very pleased.” – Vishal

“Howard, Thank you so much for your professionalism and courtesy. I am looking forward to working with you now and in the future!” – J’da Prynce

“Wow! Thanks, Howard! I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with someone who really cranks this stuff out (yes, I got burned by one of your competitors who took my money and vanished). Thanks for being as good as your word, and better than advertised. You make things less worrisome. No matter how the campaign ends, if you want a referral from me, just ask. And you will be our go-to guy for all our crowdfunding campaigns in the future (yes, we have several lined up).” – Carl Kemp

“Thank you so much for your work. I have read the press release and it seems very clear. I like the way you have brought the information together and i gave you my approval to submit the press. Thank you again.”
– Cesar Ndorerwanayo

“Howard: You guys are handling your business! Before I received the email below [press release confirmation], I got a Google Alert regarding it’s going LIVE….it’s being picked up like HOTCAKES…lets hope for a slow newsday so that the AP might pick it up! Niiiiice! So glad I chose to do business with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The others are just “pretenders to the throne!” Wooo Hoooooooooooooooo…..”

– Linda F. Williams
Chief Operating Officer and Founder
Whose Apple Empowerment Center

“Can’t thank you enough Howard! The press release is awesome, you had a fast turnaround, and you’ve gone an extra mile for me… Truly excellent service!”
– Paul

“Howard, First class work my man!! (talking about their crowdfunding press release – ed) Very nice we love it. We will make a few minor adjustments and get it back to you. Thank you for your help – you have exceeded my expectations. We’ve worked with other writers in the past and your work here is just peerless – thanks. Cheers!”

– Gavin Washburn
Director of Sales
Phasx Technologies, Inc.
Apopka, FL 32712

“Dear Howard, Thank you I’m very grateful for your effort, you seem to be one of the few out of a thousand.” – John

“Hi Howard, Great, I like your writing style and you present the really campaign well. Thank you:)” – Esther B.

“Oh man!!!! That is awesome! I looked at Indiegogo but thought it may be too late for what you already did! I will set something up pretty fast and let you know. Thank you so much! It hasn’t been all in vein! YES!” – Jamie Ferrazano

“Thank you guys! Excellent release :)” – Lisa L. Isaacson

“Thanks for everything. I don’t expect my campaign to work, I only want to have as many people educated as possible. And its already been worth it.” – Giuseppe Maffei

“Hi Howard, As the clock ticks down to an hour or so left in our Indiegogo campaign, I’d to thank you and your team for your efforts on our behalf. I also very much appreciated the personal encouragements you forwarded. We did not come close to making our financial target, but the Universe works in wondrous ways. Our prayers and efforts were answered, though we had no way of knowing how that would be. The studio space we wanted so much to have has been gifted to us by the building’s owner. We will be able to offer the programs for children, youth and eventually adults who have special challenges and help to bring their creative expressions to enrich our community. We deeply appreciate the positive thoughst, words and actions on behalf of this project from whomever and wherever they have originated, including your own. Thank you for that, and all the best to you, Howard, in your work going forward.”
– Glenn
Kidplayhouse Productions Inc.

“Thank you so much for your help. The press release looks amazing! I made a few minor changes and I’ve attached the revised version. Thank you again! Have a great day!!” – Aimee D. Branch

“The press looks amazing! You guys are awesome, thank you so much.” – Mary Sabo

“Greetings again Howie, as in Howie (How We) made this campaign a roaring success! 🙂
First of all GREAT CONSULTATION – RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I have updated our indiegogo page, and I believe I have addressed all your concerns and suggestions, and I am working on getting my crew to sign up for their own pages as well. Also, I am in the process of doing another trailer too, hopefully that will be done real soon here 🙂 Please take another gander, and let’s keep this going forward. Also, I was planning to do an update tomorrow (9/8); basically a quick video talking about how I met MC LYTE while she was performing in Cincinnati, share video, pix, etc, and inform the GO community to look out for the “supertrailer” – if I do not have it finished by then… Tell me what you think, and I definitely feel we are in competent hands. Peace!”
– Rick Johnson

“Hi Howard, Thank you for emailing this (press release) over to us. We were very impressed and it is extremely well written! We’ll even make some changes to our Kickstarter page to reflect your version :)”
– Jonathan Lam
Aeterna Studios

“Here’s a follow up from Jonathan complimenting us on the accuracy of the target websites we selected for expanded promotion of his crowdfunding project:

Hi Howard, That is absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for this, these sites are perfect. Please keep me updated in your progress. Good day Howard, Thank you so much for compiling a beautifully written piece to send out to the world. I made some minor changes, but it’s ready to go.” – Tania Michael

“Howard you are really good! I love your writing syle – usually the first draft just makes MORE work for me! In fact you’re so good I should hire you outside Kickstarter…to be discussed after!” – Missy Chase Lapine, The Sneaky Chef

As follow up here’s what Missy’s business partner Hellen had to say about the same press release the next day: He is really good!! Maybe he can do some PR for us on the side as a freelancer?? Thank you for a great press release. We are thrilled to have your writing experience behind our press release.” – Gigi Ervin

“Thanks Howard. You’re the best! Regards”
– Matthew Ng
CTO, LEDified

“Whoever wrote this press release thank you from bottom of my heart, I have always been a giver so doing this was hard and the fact you really got what I was about, I feel like I already reached my goal. Thank you so much.” – Michael B

“Howard, These are excellent suggestions…I have edited the program with your thoughts and I will put together one of the worksheets as an example of how the program will be delivered. Good feedback!” – Bill C.

“Wow. I really appreciate the candid advice and the fact that you clearly analyzed my campaign. I already made an edit to the blurb at the top to incorporate your thinking around people who don’t watch the video. Thanks and nice job on this,” – Len

“I’m sorry I did not trust you. I just lost money I did not have (using a different crowdfunding promotion service) and I was afraid it would happen again. You guys have already done more then the other place I used before ever did. I feel like I have a team working on my project when I’m not. Thanks again,” – Nick L.

“I’m so glad I hired you as a consultant. The new content you wrote for us is working great! Many thanks on your part:). I’m sure to use your consulting services again in the future…” – Jon Schnoll

“Thank you so much for the great advice. We will be implementing all of your recommendations ASAP.” – Matt Lenning

“We really appreciate your feedback on the campaign, and obviously we put it to use : ) That consulting email you sent us was worth the $199 we paid alone.” – Melissa Van Hoorne

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for contributing to my crowdfunding campaign to help get Kevin off of the streets of Halifax. With your help, the target was reached and exceeded. After fees and Indiegogo’s 4%, Kevin will receive $4,804.38.

He wanted me to thank you and express how grateful he is that you chose to pay it forward to help someone you didn’t know and someone who would normally be viewed as ‘high risk’. He said he’s never known this kind of kindness from complete strangers and it is helping him to trust and believe in the human race again.

The campaign page will remain on the internet. Occasionally, I’ll give updates about Kevin’s progress here:

Interestingly, when I started this campaign, I didn’t realize that it would be closing on Good Friday.
Once again, thank you for being a part of changing this young man’s life. Your random act of kindness has also given me renewed faith in the human race. Sincerely,” – Patty Creighton

“In response to a crowdfunding consulting session:
Howard, this is priceless information! I will get on this ASAP, thank you so much. I’ll let you know when I’m done.”
– Matt

“Hi Howard, Thanks for all your work, the result was good and I’ve had a few other Kickstarter project creators ask for an endorsement which I’m happy to provide. Cheers,” – Mark

“Hi Howard and Crowdfund Buzz team, We just wanted to say thank you to you for helping us make the Liquid Wallet a success. Cheers,” – Team Liquid

“In response to our crowdfunding consulting… Your comments were absolutely correct and, furthermore, I am impressed by the level and depth of your critique as offered. I showed the Kickstarter campaign to many people for comment before it went live, but nobody obviously had either the courage/insight to point out its shortcomings.

So, now, all donations have seemingly dried up. Can’t win it seems! 🙂 Any other bright ideas?
(editorial – bright ideas came and the campaign went on to exceed it’s crowdfunding goal- Cheers,” – Kevin

“Another rave review for our crowdfunding consultant services… You are very good at this” – M. Hess

“Thank you Howard 🙂 Sorry for my delay in response, I’m at a trade show in Philly. Super busy & very happy for meeting my goal!!! I lost a little faith towards the end 😉
Thanks for you help!! Best,”
– Erin K.

“Hi Howard, Yes, you have our permission to share our comments in your new Testimonials Section. And thank you for that added value! We do want this to be about more than the money.The ‘Women’s Story’ is key to the Director’s heart for this project. An underlying theme of the ‘Travel Series’, will be the Women’s Life Challenges:
They home-school their families, they plant, water and harvest their families food. They wash their clothing on the floor with a stone and soap one item at a time. They do these tasks with innate dignity, stoic resourcefulness, and appear accepting of this ‘station in life’. And periodic flash-flooding alters this experience dramatically! Appreciative of all that you are doing for our campaign. Respectfully,”
– Nicholas Chase