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Epic Crowdfunding PR is Not a Panacea

When Crowdfunding PR Can’t Prevail: A Crowdfunding Publicity Case Study First let’s turn to our handy dictionary for the definition of panacea… Panacea (noun) 1. a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all. 2. an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties: For years I’ve been trying to educate anybody even remotely involved with […]

Crowdfunding PR – Go With The Pros

What happens when you promote a crowdfunding project with a traditional public relations company? Not much. That’s because conventional PR firms understand little to nothing about crowdfunding and how to attract potential crowdfunding backers. The smarter PR firms are wise enough to know their limitations. These are the PR firms that subcontract their crowdfunding PR […]

Advertise a Crowdfunding Campaign Every Day

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign should be as daily an activity as showering, eating and breathing. In much the same way as essential biological habits keep us not only alive but vibrant, daily discipline when you advertise a crowdfunding campaign pays daily dividends as well. That’s because you can only attract people to a crowdfunding project […]