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Crowdfunding Campaign Success By The Numbers

This morning I woke up and ran to my office, barely able to contain my curiosity. Was I rushing off to see which Christmas presents Santa left me? No, not hardly. I was rushing off to check on a crowdfunding campaign that I had been tracking very closely. I knew the campaign’s deadline would occur […]

How to Advertise a Crowdfunding Project 24×7

Recently we’ve noticed that a lot of our clients haven’t been tracking the results of their crowdfunding campaign promotion as best they can and often reach out to us with performance concerns only after precious days have passed. As we all know, each and every crowdfunding campaign is a game of “beat the clock” in […]

Your Crowdfunding Campaign: Flexible Funding or Fixed Funding?

Is Flexible Funding a Better Alternative Comparing to Fixed Funding?  I am sure all of you are well aware of all types of funding options available across all the different crowdfunding platforms. However, as crowdfunding consultants, we often come across project owners who are extremely confused when choosing between fixed funding or flexible funding. Recently,  […]

Tips to Promote a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is quickly emerging as an excellent alternative to government grant or traditional bank loans. These campaigns can certainly do wonders for people who have an idea to sell or a worthy cause to promote. This is particularly useful for business startups looking to avoid debt at the very beginning of their journey. Additionally, crowdfunding […]