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Episode 14: Equity Crowdfunding with Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is a rising star in the global equity crowdfunding scene thanks to his strong financial background in investment banking cultivated during his tenure at Forsyth Barr. As founder and director of Assemble Advisory, Nathan provides consulting, training and coaching to help clients every step of the way in planning and executing an equity […]

Episode 13: Ruth Hedges, The Crowdfunding Queen

Ruth E. Hedges is one the world’s foremost authorities on crowdfunding and is one of the original pioneers of the legislation that was ultimately signed into law as the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012. She was honored with an invitation to the White House for its Crowdfunding Champions of Change event. Ruth created and […]

Episode 12: CrowdfundingBum.Com Founder Bernardo Pereira

Prepare yourself for the most evocative podcast thus far as Howard and Bernardo delve into the deep seeded emotions that drive every crowdfunding campaign. At times Bernardo is openly emotional in describing the passion that propelled him to launch his own crowdfunding platform – Here are sound bites sure to whet your appetite: “Generosity […]

Episode 11: Avoiding Crowdfunding Promotion Scams with Jenna Baik

When Jenna Baik launched her Indiegogo project for Bebox, she raised 30% of her funding goal on day one and was on top of the world.   She knew she had to make a crowdfunding promotion push to keep the momentum going.  Little did she know that her choice in crowdfunding marketing companies ended up being […]

Episode 10: A Crowdfunding Conversation with Alex Feldman

Alex Feldman is the driving force behind CrowdsUnite.Com and has an impressive string of achievements. Alex was featured on the January issue of Entrepreneur Magazine for his accomplishments in the crowdfunding industry. His writings about crowdfunding were published on major websites such as and Crowdfund Insider. He educates government agencies like NYC Business Solutions […]

Episode 9: Rob van Haaren & His Free Crowdfunding Platform

After Rob & Caitlin got engaged, they were looking for a personal way to raise money for their honeymoon. Other crowdfunding platforms all looked pretty boring and would take $5 of every $100 that family and friends would give them. That led them to build their own crowdfunding page and raise money without any fees. […]

Episode 8: Crowdfunding as The Perfect Product Launch Platform

David Tao was traveling with a friend who had all of their stuff stolen in a matter of minutes from a properly locked locker.  In public.  In broad daylight. The entrepreneurial spirit shined on David Tao; he found a need and filled it.  Enter TappLock. As we recorded this podcast Tapplock’s Indiegogo project raised over […]

Episode 7: Crowdfunding Campaign Success in Under 24 Hours

ForeverSpin is a company that experienced overnight success putting a whole new spin on a centuries-old child’s toy; the spinning top.  As one of Crowdfund Buzz’s own clients, their overnight success got Howard’s attention. Howard sat down with Vicktor Grabovski, one of ForeverSpin’s founders and partners and talked about their incredible crowdfunding campaign success with […]

Episode 6: Crowdfunding Strategies for Startups

Khierstyn Ross is the mastermind behind and talks one on on with Howard about how and why entrepreneurs turn to crowdfunding campaigns for startup capital.   Kheirstyn is a startup advisor who speaks from experience. She helped dozens of franchises in Canada destroy their sales goals before heading overseas to bring her acumen to the […]

Episode 5: Kickstarter Success Tips Revealed Step By Step

Lucky Cheeks, a lingerie company based in Germany sources their materials from Switzerland and Italy and manufactures their line of sexy g-strings in France. Company principal Muriel Klink wanted to expand her product line and needed the capital to do it. That’s why she turned to crowdfunding. On the heels of Muriel’s successful Kickstarter project, […]

Episode 3: A Crowdfunding Conversation with Manolis Sfinarolakis

This crowdfunding podcast runs the gamut in a free-for-all of crowdfunding success strategies and crowdfunding tips.  Listening to Howard and Manolis have a one-one-one conversation about all things crowdfunding is like slipping a hidden mic into a closed-door meeting of crowdfunding colossals.       In this episode you’ll discover: Why personal-needs crowdfunding campaigns almost […]