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Personal Crowdfunding Success Guide

Personal Crowdfunding Success Tips From Firsthand Experience. Background: A recent problem in my own life led me to think about personal crowdfunding as a solution. At the outset I was optimistic but as I built the campaign and loaded it with MOUNTAINS of information and documentation clearly proving my need it occurred to me before […]

Episode 14: Equity Crowdfunding with Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is a rising star in the global equity crowdfunding scene thanks to his strong financial background in investment banking cultivated during his tenure at Forsyth Barr. As founder and director of Assemble Advisory, Nathan provides consulting, training and coaching to help clients every step of the way in planning and executing an equity […]

Episode 13: Ruth Hedges, The Crowdfunding Queen

Ruth E. Hedges is one the world’s foremost authorities on crowdfunding and is one of the original pioneers of the legislation that was ultimately signed into law as the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012. She was honored with an invitation to the White House for its Crowdfunding Champions of Change event. Ruth created and […]

Episode 12: CrowdfundingBum.Com Founder Bernardo Pereira

Prepare yourself for the most evocative podcast thus far as Howard and Bernardo delve into the deep seeded emotions that drive every crowdfunding campaign. At times Bernardo is openly emotional in describing the passion that propelled him to launch his own crowdfunding platform – Here are sound bites sure to whet your appetite: “Generosity […]

New Crowdfunding Platform 1Dollar1Home: Changing the World a Dollar at a Time.

Focused solely on people with urgent needs for cash to deal with a personal crisis, Doug Boateng is on a mission to change the world one dollar at a time., a micro-donations and do-good crowdfunding community purely for social causes with an emphasis on personal needs such as a family facing crisis, has launched […]