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crowdfunding basics

Crowdfunding Basics

Crowdfunding Basics – This Really Isn’t Rocket Science As we delve into crowdfunding basics we need to take a look back in history. Think back a decade or so ago. If you wanted to raise money for something, be it a new business venture or an invention, what did you do? In all likelihood, you […]

Episode 3: A Crowdfunding Conversation with Manolis Sfinarolakis

This crowdfunding podcast runs the gamut in a free-for-all of crowdfunding success strategies and crowdfunding tips.  Listening to Howard and Manolis have a one-one-one conversation about all things crowdfunding is like slipping a hidden mic into a closed-door meeting of crowdfunding colossals.       In this episode you’ll discover: Why personal-needs crowdfunding campaigns almost […]

The History and Evolution of Crowdfunding

Many of us often tend to make the mistake of thinking that crowdfunding is something new. However, the concept of crowdfunding is much older that many of us believe. Many of you would be surprised to know that crowdfunding has been around for centuries. With the advent of advanced technology, there has been several changes […]

How to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign to Achieve Your Funding Goal

Popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. have helped many people get their projects up and running in no time. However, as many of you may have already experienced, reaching your funding goal from a crowdfunding campaign is not at all an easy job. Successful crowdfunding campaigns do several things differently compared to others. In […]