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2020 Crowdfunding Vision

2020 Crowdfunding Vision: The Future of Crowdfunding is Clear. As we turn the page on 2019, 2020 crowdfunding vision is as clear as can be; crowdfunding is growing up.  Would-be crowdfunders are now approaching crowdfunding with more serious intent while the “easy money” clueless clowns stop polluting the crowdfunding sector with their idiotic easy-money ideas […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns in 2017

Crowdfunding Campaigns In The Year Ahead – What to Expect Talk of crowdfunding campaigns on the eve of New Year’s Eve? Sure. Why not? Before you make your plans for tomorrow night or start your own new year’s eve party planning spend a few minutes seeing what’s next and new in 2017. And we’re talking […]

Crowdfunding Trends in 2015: The Year of the Startup Part 1

I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss. Yes I own all his books – on audio and on eBook and a couple of hardcover copies too. I check out his blog regularly and I’m a subscriber to his podcast. Tim Ferriss has changed my life and my perspective of reality itself in a hundred ways […]

Emerging Crowdfunding Trends for the Future.

Crowdfunding has already emerged over the years as an efficient and reliable platform for startup ventures. Being actively involved in this assisting our clients with promoting crowdfunding campaigns and providing crowdfunding consulting, we often come across questions relating to the future of crowdfunding. It is true that the concept of modern-day crowdfunding is expected to […]