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Crowdfunding Success Tip: Words Mean Things

Convincing backers to support a crowdfunding campaign probably works better if those crowdfunding backers aren’t called jockstraps. Looking at the screenshot above it’s not clear if the use of the term “athletic supporters” is intended to instill a sense of pride in sports fans who fund a crowdfunding campaign for their favorite sport or if […]

Low Cost PR Tips to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

In this crowdfunding blog article we’ll discuss some efficient yet inexpensive PR tips to help promote a crowdfunding campaign without breaking the bank. The present day PR world has seen a drastically expanded scope of reach when it comes to a press release which translates to potentially huge crowdfunding gains without spending a whole lot […]

Tips from a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Please give a warm welcome to guest blogger Ben Flowers who’s been generous enough to share the secrets of crowdfunding success he learned after his Indiegogo campaign handily exceeded the crowdfunding goal they set out to achieve ending up with 120% of their target. Who is Ben Flowers? He’s the content creator at MakerClub: the […]

Crowdfunding Campaign Success By The Numbers

This morning I woke up and ran to my office, barely able to contain my curiosity. Was I rushing off to see which Christmas presents Santa left me? No, not hardly. I was rushing off to check on a crowdfunding campaign that I had been tracking very closely. I knew the campaign’s deadline would occur […]