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Crowdfunding Statistics Behind the Numbers

Crowdfunding Statistics Tell a Scary Tale; 65% of Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail. But that’s not the whole story. Crowdfunding statistics can’t be taken at face value. While it’s true that numbers don’t lie, crowdfunding statistics don’t provide the whole picture. That’s because the human element can’t be measured with mathematical precision. Let’s look at Kickstarter statistics […]

Crowdfunding Success and Failure & Reality

“You might think you have the best product going but the open market decides that.” – Robert Herjavec, Multimillionaire and Shark Tank Investor We all know the numbers by now – roughly 65% of all crowdfunding campaigns fail. According to Kickstarter the day I wrote this article – their published success rate is just 36.65% […]

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies

A recent article in The Huffington Post forced me sit up and pay attention to the general atmosphere surrounding crowdfunding campaigns.  Brad Chase, the author of the piece, presented an eye-opening summary of the crowdfunding world today which everyone should pay close attention to. A casual review of the Kickstarter Stats Page will give everyone […]