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Crowdfunding Press Release Power

Crowdfunding Press Release Power – Lightning in a Bottle When Done Right. Crowdfunding press release power should never be undersestimated.  When done right, a crowdfunding press release can be a catalyst in drawing in new bakers and investors and bring in a lot of money fast.  A press release for a crowdfunding campaign can just […]

Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum

Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum

Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum – How to be a John Wick with Crowdfunding Success Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum might sound a little edgy and maybe it is.  The original meaning of parabellum, translated from Latin, is to prepare for war. When you launch a crowdfunding campaign you are waging war to gain dollars. You are […]

Crowdfunding Publicity With Precision

Crowdfunding Publicity is an Art and a Science. This month proves it like never before. Crowdfunding publicity is never easy and this month is turning out to be the most challenging time on record. The September 2017 news cycle is the most chaotic I’ve ever seen. First there was Hurricane Harvey. Then Hurricane Irma. Then […]