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Crowdfunding Success is not a Cakewalk

“A successful campaign takes plenty of advance planning as well as constant involvement along the way to keep backers happy and new supporters joining on. A halfhearted effort could not only make a cash drive stall out, it also could do lasting damage to an entrepreneur’s standing with customers and potential investors down the road.”– […]

How to Create an Effective Crowdfunding Pitch

Crowdfunding is a time-tested method of raising funds for a startup venture. It is common practice for crowdfunding project owners to offer lucrative rewards and perks to attract backers as well as investors. However, a well made pitch probably makes the most impact as far as reaching the funding target is concerned. While crafting a […]

Your Crowdfunding Campaign Pre-Flight Checklist

Day in and day out I shake my head when I see a sloppy crowdfunding campaign.  A poorly run crowdfunding campaign can’t raise as much money as it can in the same way a bucket with holes can’t collect as much water as it can. Airplanes only takeoff after a pre-flight checklist has been consulted […]