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PieShell shuts piehole

PieShell Shuts Piehole

PieShell Shuts Piehole – A Teachable Moment for Crowdfunding Platforms With my tenure at CrowdFund Buzz approaching six years I’ve seen crowdfunding platforms come and go.  Scrolling through this blog year by year you’ll be sifting through a cemetery of dead platforms.  All of them launched with lofty goals and new visions for crowdfunding and […]

Denying Crowdfunding Reality

Denying Crowdfunding Reality Denying Crowdfunding Reality is perfectly illustrated in episode 14, season 5 of The ABC hit comedy The Goldbergs entitled Hail Barry. Specifically the sub-plot involving Beverly Goldberg who is in absolute denial about her new line of jackets. She thinks they’re the most epic jackets in the history of clothing.  But actually […]