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Crowdfunding Campaigns in 2017

Crowdfunding Campaigns In The Year Ahead – What to Expect Talk of crowdfunding campaigns on the eve of New Year’s Eve? Sure. Why not? Before you make your plans for tomorrow night or start your own new year’s eve party planning spend a few minutes seeing what’s next and new in 2017. And we’re talking […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns for Social Change

Crowdfunding Campaigns Beyond Products, Services or Even Fundraising How about a crowdfunding project to spread awareness of nuclear threats? Sounds boring – but it isn’t.  Not when you deliver the message through a compelling game coupled with rewards that hard to pass up. When y0u mix things up like that you end up with a […]

Crowdfunding as Market Testing

What Campbell’s Soup Can Teach Us About Crowdsourcing for a New Product Too often, we see crowdfunders that pin all of their hopes and dreams on a single crowdfunding campaign for their new idea. They’re convinced their product, service, film, album, etc. is brilliant and that everybody is going to want it. Dreams of yacht […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns Aren’t Lottery Tickets

Crowdfunding Campaigns aren’t sure things either and nobody should treat them that way. With three years in crowdfunding promotion AND crowdfunding consulting under my belt, you’d think that nothing could surprise me in the world of crowdfunding campaigns. The fact is, I am endlessly amazed by the totally casual attitude most people take towards crowdfunding […]

Your Crowdfunding Campaign: Flexible Funding or Fixed Funding?

Is Flexible Funding a Better Alternative Comparing to Fixed Funding?  I am sure all of you are well aware of all types of funding options available across all the different crowdfunding platforms. However, as crowdfunding consultants, we often come across project owners who are extremely confused when choosing between fixed funding or flexible funding. Recently,  […]