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Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed – Guest Post by Stewart Dunlop If done right, crowdfunding can be an interesting (and desirable) alternative to loans and looking for investors to finance your business and ideas. However, even though there are lots of well-designed crowdfunding platforms and many people are interested in supporting good ideas, only around […]

Crowdfunding Marketing – Stop The Madness

This Just In – Crowdfunding Marketing is a Mad Waste of Money To regular readers of this crowdfunding blog it might seem I’m just repeating myself when it comes to my position on paying for crowdfunding marketing and the truth is – I am. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just that more and more news […]

Low Cost PR Tips to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

In this crowdfunding blog article we’ll discuss some efficient yet inexpensive PR tips to help promote a crowdfunding campaign without breaking the bank. The present day PR world has seen a drastically expanded scope of reach when it comes to a press release which translates to potentially huge crowdfunding gains without spending a whole lot […]

News Coverage of a Crowdfunding Project

I just saw this on FoxNews.Com — 100 burritos in 100 days: One friend’s fundraiser for fraternity brother with stage 4 cancer So what happened after a news article about a crowdfunding project landed on the front page of one the most visited news websites in America? Not much. A grand total of $370 in […]

Build the Crowd Before Starting Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Sensational success stories relating to different crowdfunding campaigns can easily create the wrong impression. It’s important for everyone to realize that we never hear about the thousands of crowdfunding projects that fail to make any impact at all. Achieving success with crowdfunding is a long and tiresome process involving several steps with no possible shortcuts. […]