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Writing a Crowdfunding Campaign

Writing a crowdfunding campaign? Let the words tell the story — not pictures. While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, words are worth as much as gold when it comes to Google and the other search engines. That’s because the search engines can only index text — not graphics. When writing […]

The Importance of Timing in a Crowdfunding Campaign.

Achieving success in a crowdfunding venture demands a combination of several factors. Timing is probably one of the most significant of all these factors. As most of you would agree, the ability to ascertain the best possible time for any given activity can be extremely helpful throughout our lives. As the saying goes; timing is […]

Build the Crowd Before Starting Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Sensational success stories relating to different crowdfunding campaigns can easily create the wrong impression. It’s important for everyone to realize that we never hear about the thousands of crowdfunding projects that fail to make any impact at all. Achieving success with crowdfunding is a long and tiresome process involving several steps with no possible shortcuts. […]

Your Crowdfunding Campaign Pre-Flight Checklist

Day in and day out I shake my head when I see a sloppy crowdfunding campaign.  A poorly run crowdfunding campaign can’t raise as much money as it can in the same way a bucket with holes can’t collect as much water as it can. Airplanes only takeoff after a pre-flight checklist has been consulted […]