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Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer Directory

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer Directory

Looking for a Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer Directory? Why? A Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer Directory is not a silver bullet.  It’s not the secret sauce to crowdfunding success.  It’s probably a waste of money.  Getting a list of “super backers” – that is to say – a list of Indiegogo and Kickstarter backers who have […]

effective crowdfunding marketing

Effective Crowdfunding Marketing

Effective Crowdfunding Marketing: Who to Reach and How to Reach Them. Through effective crowdfunding marketing, crowdfunding is an excellent way of raising money for organizations or individuals. However, considering the fact that countless crowdfunding campaigns get started daily, without effective crowdfunding marketing, you may not achieve anything. People are bombarded with various crowdfunding opportunities daily […]

stop crowdfunding spam

Stop Crowdfunding Spam

Stop Crowdfunding Spam.  If spamming people is your crowdfunding marketing plan then you have no plan. Seriously.  Stop crowdfunding spam.  It never works.  It never worked.  It will NEVER work. Crowdfunding promotion takes a professional approach through proper channels.  Spamming is not a proper channel.  Sending somebody a never-ending barrage of tweets or emails in […]

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion – It Doesn’t Work Cheap crowdfunding promotion hearkens back to that old cliche – you get what you pay for. Check out this tweet we got back in December which only got its first serious recognition today… Just launched on Kickstarter “One Touch Faucet adapter” that prevents water wastage and help save […]

crowdfunding pr power

Crowdfunding PR Power

Crowdfunding PR Power – How to Make 400 Sales in 5 Minutes and Crash Your Website Watch the latest video at This entire clip from Liz Claman’s show Countdown to The Closing Bell on the Fox Business Network on November 15th deserves your full attention.. By anybody’s standards this is excellent PR. Behind the […]

Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame Part 2

Paying for Crowdfunding Marketing? Ad Fraud Could Rob You Blind. After just reading this in the Wall Street Journal: Microsoft and Google Browsers Had High Ad Fraud Rate, Study Claims I was inspired to publish a follow up piece to Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame. Read part 1 first then keep on reading. In part 1 […]

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign on TV – A Cautionary Tale. I was a first-hand witness to crowdfunding history this morning. What is usually a lazy Sunday morning turned into a scramble-for-my-phone and record-something-fast moment. That’s because I saw the first-ever TV commercial advertising a crowdfunding campaign. Yes indeed friends and neighbors! I was a witness […]

Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame.

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign? Ad Blockers Are Running Interference. I fought off temptation to make this crowdfunding article nothing more than a list of links to articles about ad blockers and how they changed the game in Internet advertising. By extension this has a direct impact on anyone engaging in crowdfunding marketing. Thinking better of […]

Crowdfunding PR vs Advertising

The Showdown in Crowdfunding Promotion: Crowdfunding PR vs. Crowdfunding Advertising Welcome to the crowdfunding case study of the century! In this corner — crowdfunding advertising in the form of Facebook Ads, Google Ads and other forms of paid advertisement. And in this corner – crowdfunding publicity as applied through press releases, media outreach and social […]

Crowdfunding Marketing :The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Crowdfunding Marketing is a Minefield – Here’s Your Map Through It. So you went ahead; you clicked the button to launch your crowdfunding campaign and you’re on your way. Crowdfunding marketing may be on your mind, maybe not. As far as you know you’ve got your crowdfunding pitch video polished, your perks are perfect & […]

Crowdfunding Advertising Fails

If you spent thousands of dollars on advertising a crowdfunding campaign and got only a tiny percentage of the funds you needed how would you feel? Let’s ask Staples (the largest office supply and school supply retailer in the United States), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (yes, THAT Bill Gates of Microsoft fame) and […]

Crowdfunding Advertising

A Crash Course in Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign Or we can just call this a crash-course in advertising. When there is no advertising there are no sales. The greatest product ever designed, the single biggest breakthrough in medicine or the best bottle of wine or most delicious food cannot be sold without advertising. This naturally […]

How to Find the Target Audience for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

All of us understand the importance of reaching your target audience for a crowdfunding campaign. Regardless of the nature of your product or service, the success of your campaign will rely a great deal on how well you can connect to the people who can appreciate your offer. Also, it’s seldom sufficient to start building […]