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Advertise a Crowdfunding Campaign Every Day

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign should be as daily an activity as showering, eating and breathing. In much the same way as essential biological habits keep us not only alive but vibrant, daily discipline when you advertise a crowdfunding campaign pays daily dividends as well. That’s because you can only attract people to a crowdfunding project […]

Crowdfunding Success: If At First You Succeed in Crowdfunding Why Not Try Again?

One of the first questions asked by crowdfunding novices who inquire about our crowdfunding advertising services is – “What is your success rate?” We quickly give the same answer we give a dozen or more times a week as we do our best to hide our exasperation “When it comes to crowdfunding promotion – or […]

How to Advertise a Crowdfunding Project 24×7

Recently we’ve noticed that a lot of our clients haven’t been tracking the results of their crowdfunding campaign promotion as best they can and often reach out to us with performance concerns only after precious days have passed. As we all know, each and every crowdfunding campaign is a game of “beat the clock” in […]