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Advertising Tips for Crowdfunders

…and the rest of the world too. I’m watching Two and a Half Men right before dinner time and, as expected, all the dinnertime commercials are coming at me hot and heavy. (Side note – I know Two and a Half Men is over and done with. I know, I know. I still love it. […]

Advertising Crowdfunding: What Mad Men Can Teach Us

Why are the guys on the right side of the table in the Mad Men clip above so uncertain and perhaps even nervous? Because they want to make more sales and there’s no way to know if the advertising ideas Don Draper and his team delivered from the other side of the table will work. […]

Tips from a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Please give a warm welcome to guest blogger Ben Flowers who’s been generous enough to share the secrets of crowdfunding success he learned after his Indiegogo campaign handily exceeded the crowdfunding goal they set out to achieve ending up with 120% of their target. Who is Ben Flowers? He’s the content creator at MakerClub: the […]

Crowdfunding Class: How to Promote a Crowdfunding Campaign

Our own resident crowdfunding expert Howard Sherman takes crowdfunders to school and teach them how to create the buzz behind a crowdfunding campaign at a Reward based Crowdfunding Class in New York City back on April 1st. Everyone is invited to attend a future crowdfunding event and learn everything you need for crowdfunding success.

The Most Effective Method To Spread The Word About Your CrowdFunding Campaign

As a matter of fact, many promising crowdfunding campaigns across all major platforms fail not because they were not able to find enough supporters for their crowdfunding project or even a potential audience but because of the fact that they don’t know how to reach potential visitors to their crowdfunding campaign effectively and drive crowds […]