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Crowdfunding Advertising Fails

If you spent thousands of dollars on advertising a crowdfunding campaign and got only a tiny percentage of the funds you needed how would you feel? Let’s ask Staples (the largest office supply and school supply retailer in the United States), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (yes, THAT Bill Gates of Microsoft fame) and […]

Advertise a Crowdfunding Campaign Every Day

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign should be as daily an activity as showering, eating and breathing. In much the same way as essential biological habits keep us not only alive but vibrant, daily discipline when you advertise a crowdfunding campaign pays daily dividends as well. That’s because you can only attract people to a crowdfunding project […]

Press Coverage of Crowdfunding Campaigns

The story of MMA fighter War Machine allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, a porn star in Las Vegas, has been exploding across the Internet over the past 48 hours. Here are just some of the stories published in the last two days or so: Dog the Bounty Hunter: I’ll find MMA fighter who […]