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stop crowdfunding spam

Stop Crowdfunding Spam

Stop Crowdfunding Spam.  If spamming people is your crowdfunding marketing plan then you have no plan.

Seriously.  Stop crowdfunding spam.  It never works.  It never worked.  It will NEVER work. Crowdfunding promotion takes a professional approach through proper channels.  Spamming is not a proper channel.  Sending somebody a never-ending barrage of tweets or emails in rapid fire sequence is just a huge waste of time.

Crowdfund Buzz is happy to provide you a case study proving this…

Why didn’t this guy at some point over the past couple of weeks stop crowdfunding spam? From the screen shots above it is completely and totally obvious it wasn’t working.  The teachable moment here is not only did his campaign fail, he barely raised any money at all.  It wasn’t even close.

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign is way more than firing off spam be it through a stale email list suckers buy, spamming Facebook groups or randomly firing off tweets.  All of these activities are “spray and pray” and never, ever work.  Crowdfund Buzz has seen countless examples of this over the years.

Crowdfunding promotion is best done by the professionals.  When it comes to crowdfunding marketing, you can put together a professional Facebook ad yourself in – literally – about 15 minutes.  It isn’t magic and you don’t need to pay an expert thousands of dollars to run a Facebook ad campaign.  In fact, I’d be happy to share all of the information anyone would ever need on crowdfunding advertising via Facebook.  How about dozens of DIY, step-by-step videos showing you every possible tactic and technique imaginable?

On the crowdfunding public relations side of the coin, just hire us.  There’s no DIY when it comes to crowdfunding PR.  Over four years ago we wrote about spamming journalists which is what almost everybody does when they think they’re conducting crowdfunding public relations. We have all of the resources, know all of the right people and have perfected our craft in connecting crowdfunding campaigns with huge audiences.