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Social Media Strategies for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

While watching from a distance, it may sometimes appear that hitting the desired target in a crowdfunding campaign is an effortless process. However, if you are planning to start a crowdfunding project, it is important for you to note that this is not at all a walk in the park. Be prepared to deal with anxiety and sleepless nights particularly during the mid-campaign plateau. However, it is possible to achieve success after all these stressful days if you can build the right relationships with prospective backers through different social media channels. Mentioned below are some of the most effective social media strategies for promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

Building the platform for a successful crowdfunding project starts way before the launch of the campaign. Therefore, it is not enough to start building a social media strategy at the time of campaign launch. In order to have a decent chance of success, it is a basic requirement to have a functional account on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Your chances of raising the required funding will not be high unless you find a way to get the word out about your project. Unfortunately, this is true even if you have the best venture in the world.

Facebook is certainly a great social media platform with regards to crowdfunding. However, it is never sufficient to rely only on your Facebook friends. Instead of just posting your project on your Facebook page, create a Facebook fan page for the project. This will help you reach out to a much larger segment of prospective contributors.

Do not be satisfied with the fact that you have a great product or service, and expect inbound traffic to your page without any efforts from your end. Thousands of crowdfunding projects are launched everyday and it is completely your responsibility to drive traffic to your campaign. Therefore, make maximum utilization of all your social media platforms and publish regular project updates on social media.

Please remember that there is no need to build your campaign around each and every social media platform. Depending on the presence of your target audience and your ability to handle, pick no more than two or three platforms. As an example, filmmaking projects can benefit a great deal from Vimeo and YouTube. Similarly, a project based on fashion must make use of Instagram. You have the task of finding out the platform that is most appealing to your specific target group.

Social media is extremely fast and the secret to effective social media lies in convincing people quickly. While using Twitter, make sure your tweets are short yet irresistibly attractive for people. You may use longer messages on Facebook, but try to avoid multiple paragraphs. Also, do not forget to include a good image on Facebook.

Instead of trying to make your campaign go viral, concentrate on things that are within your control. Going viral is never guaranteed. However, you can certainly try and provide consistent messages to your target group.

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