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The Sensational Side Effects of Social Media Promotion of Crowdfunding

Promoting Crowdfunding on Facebook

A picture really is worth a thousand words. As you can see, Facebook’s powerful reach in promoting crowdfunding campaigns extends far beyond the number of Facebook likes of any given Facebook page. Through our efforts we pulled a #1 ranking on Google for our crowdfunding client beating out two established websites selling travel guides and the client’s own crowdfunding project page. As you can clearly see, promoting a crowdfunding project on Facebook extends far beyond Facebook itself to the Internet at large.

How is this possible? Long story short – persistence and patience while employing the very best practices of crowdfunding SEO. That’s just one of many ingredients all of us here at Crowdfund Buzz use to help every client who hires us to help their crowdfunding campaign succeed.

Does crowdfunding SEO extend to Twitter? Most definitely.
Crowdfunding on Twitter

Within seconds of posting a tweet for one of our clients – promoting the independent film The Patsy our tweet can be picked up all over Twitter from among it’s 200 million+ users searching for the popular term “independent film”.

In case you think this one-time example is a fluke or sheer luck we’ll share another example of how powerful promoting a crowdfunding campaign on Twitter can be…

Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign on Twitter

As you can see from our Tweet on promoting a new type of mental healthcare product our tweet was the first one listed when searching for “mental healthcare” because it was the latest post made. That’s why we constantly rotate our crowdfunding social media promotion efforts; to reach different people at different times of the day and the night seven days per week. This logic naturally extends to Facebook.

And this logic in promoting crowdfunding with social media is meant to illustrate that advertising a crowdfunding campaign with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn extends far beyond the raw numbers of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc.

When you want to promote a crowdfunding campaign with social media you should definitely include CrowdFundBuzz.Com to help you get the best results possible in achieving a crowdfunding goal. We’ll let the results we get for our crowdfunding clients speak for themselves.