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Running Two Crowdfunding Campaigns

At least once a month someone asks me for my advice about running two crowdfunding projects with the same goal at once. My answer every time is simple; don’t even think about it. It’s a mistake to think you’ll reach the crowdfunding goal you’ve set twice as fast by running multiple crowdfunding projects simultaneously. More to the point, running multiple crowdfunding campaigns is a road to nowhere but disaster.


Running one crowdfunding campaign is hard enough. Trying to keep two campaigns sailing at full speed is borderline impossible. By dividing your attention among two campaigns your efforts are diluted. There’s only so much time in the day so how do you keep up with twice as many comments, questions, campaign updates, etc every day of the week?

Who’s who? It’s common practice for unethical and dishonest operators to rip off an idea seen on one crowdfunding platform then totally replicate that idea – right down to the name, the perks, the media, the description – pretty much everything – on a different crowdfunding platform. A lot of people are getting wise to this which will lead them to decide not to back either project since they have no way of being sure they won’t become the next victim of a crowdfunding scam.

Brand confusion. If you’re running two crowdfunding campaigns then you must double your crowdfunding PR efforts and launch two press releases – one for each campaign. You also need to double your time and effort in social media crowdfunding promotion. Imagine how confusing it could be for a blogger or journalist; which project do they write about? Which one do they share with their audience? This extends to your Twitter followers, Facebook fans and even visitors to your website. Which campaign should they visit? Which link should they click? It’s challenging enough to advertise a crowdfunding campaign one at a time, imagine the chaos you’re causing in the crowds you’re trying to draw when you’re dividing your audience’s attention like this.

One of the keys to crowdfunding success is focus. Total, laser-like focus on one crowdfunding campaign. Give it all of your attention, all of your energy, all of your effort and all of your time.