Crowdfunding Public Relations That Builds Buzz Every Time.

Public Relations: Crowdfunding & Beyond

Public Relations and crowdfunding fit together hand in glove.  However, public relations fits perfectly into any venture or cause when an enterprise or endeavor wants to raise public awareness of their initiative.  Crowdfunding PR – like any form of PR – can be far more powerful than crowdfunding marketing   Just like the billboard says — publicity gets people talking about you, your crowdfunding campaign, your new invention or…. your new book or movie.

In this public relations case study we go beyond crowdfunding to a client who didn’t hire us for crowdfunding promotion but for film promotion.  Our public relations prowess was proven yet again.


Exactly one month ago Hollywood actor and film producer Craig Rees retained us to promote his new horror film Whispers.  The entire Crowdfund Buzz team swung into action and built the official Whispers website, Facebook page and Twitter feed in less than 24 hours.  Immediately we started drawing new fans and followers and website traffic surged almost overnight.  The entire Crowdfund Buzz team went into overdrive to make this film a hit.  We loved seeing the daily activity across social media and the web but nothing prepared us for the best possible surge of all —  the vaunted IMDb website.

In case you didn’t know, IMDb is THE movie website where movie goers, celebrities and Hollywood executives all converge on the film industry’s single most important website.  What we did for the IMDb rankings for Whispers is nothing less than public relations magic.  See for yourself in this visual chronology…

Public Relations Power

Week One: Popularity surges 2500% – ranking 1,161 on all of IMDb.

But wait it gets better.   We’re not nearly done showcasing what public relations power really is.

Two weeks later Whispers surges in popularity


Fast forward to today — February 23rd – exactly one month after we started film promotion for Whispers.

PR Campaign 30 Days Later: The Movie ranks 314th on all of IMDb

Things are going to really get interesting on March 21st when the film is released on Red Box and Amazon with a Netflix launch TBD.

Meanwhile… is already sold out of Whispers DVDs.  Applause for the power of public relations please!


While our track record for effective crowdfunding promotion is the best in the business, our public relations prowess can be easily applied to any given project to help you succeed.