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Promoting Crowdfunding Campaigns With Press Releases

We live, work, breathe and sleep in a 24-hour news cycle where cable news, newspapers, radio and thousands of news blogs  compete for our attention with engaging and sometimes even outrageous news. Largely known as “the media” they are always on the lookout for news of every kind; new products, charitable causes and human interest stories among others.  We’ll focus on these as these topics are generally the core of a crowdfunding campaign much more than Miley Cyrus twerking or Justin Bieber retiring.

So how do we promote crowdfunding campaigns to the media? The press release.

Concisely written and targeted, press releases draw media attention to crowdfunding campaigns.  The press releases we write contain just enough information to tell a compelling story about a crowdfunding project and that’s all.  We always keep our press releases to a single page and always encourage our clients to do the same as this is standard practice in the media world.

Once finalized, the press release is submitted to the newswire which reviews the press release for editorial content and proper form.  99% of the time our press releases are approved the first time but occasionally we need to do a minor rewrite to get our crowdfunding press releases through editorial review.  Once a press release goes live it is sent to targeted members of the media who have expressed an interest in the subject matter of the press release. The goal of a press release is to pique the interest of a journalist, blogger or news outlet who can then decide to re-publish the press release entirely. We’ve seen this happen with our crowdfunding clients seeing their press releases appear in The Houston Chronicle and the Seattle Post word-for-word.  In other cases, a journalist or blogger will produce their own story about your crowdfunding campaign using your press release as a starting point.

And sometimes our crowdfunding campaign clients get interview requests through their press releases which is very exciting!

One thing we’ve found puzzling about the press releases we’ve launched is that ordinary people will contact us and comment on them, usually with words of encouragement and are very complimentary.  More than likely they picked up on the press release from the search engines.

That’s why writing a press release is more of an art than a science. We tap into hot trends and emerging trends. We invoke the most intriguing keywords we can think of to help your press release stand apart from the masses and stand out in the search engines. Your own crowdfunding campaign is the source of this so tell an interesting story. Reach hearts and minds. Intrigue, engage and energize your audience and sing a siren song that will inspire people to pay attention and become a backer on your crowdfunding project.