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dog the bounty hunter

The story of MMA fighter War Machine allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, a porn star in Las Vegas, has been exploding across the Internet over the past 48 hours.

Here are just some of the stories published in the last two days or so:

Dog the Bounty Hunter: I’ll find MMA fighter who allegedly assaulted porn star

‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ threatens to track down War Machine after alleged assault

Christy Mack Attack: Dog The Bounty Hunter Seeking MMA’s War Machine

War Machine Former GF Says Beaten Near Death 18 Broken Bones, Ruptured Liver

Christy Mack: MMA Ex Made Rape Joke Months Before Alleged Attack

Porn Star Christy Mack Describes Savage Attack (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Dog the Bounty Hunter Hunts MMA Fighter Accused of Beating Girlfriend

Christy Mack suffers vicious beating, allegedly from War Machine

‘I believed I was going to die’: Porn star reveals injuries she says were inflicted by MMA fighter boyfriend ‘who stabbed her and ruptured her liver in horrific assault’

Dog the Bounty Hunter issues ultimatum to MMA fighter War Machine over assault

Christy Mack shares photos of the beating she allegedly endured at the hands of MMA fighter War Machine

In the same time frame as all the above articles – 48 hours – a crowdfunding campaign for Christy Mack launched. Of all the articles listed above can you guess how many of them provided any coverage at all of this crowdfunding project to help Christy Mack pay her medical bills?

Just two. The articles appearing on Fox News and the Washington Post websites. And even then, only the article in the Washington Post provided a link to Christy Mack’s crowdfunding campaign.

Yet Christy Macks’ crowdfunding campaign raised over $40,000 since it launched two days ago. Christy Mack’s violent and tragic beating aside and Dog The Bounty Hunter’s threat against War Machine considered, where is the news coverage of this incredible display of human compassion to help someone in urgent need?

Almost nowhere. Just two tiny blips in an ocean of news coverage of this horrible story with barely a hint of help for this poor women to help her pay for surgery, post surgical medical care, physical therapy, dental work and quite possibly psychological counseling for who knows how long…

Why did just two journalists out of over a dozen feel that even a passing mention of Christy Mack’s crowdfunding project was worthwhile? We’ll never know.

What we have here is a teachable moment when it comes to media coverage of crowdfunding campaigns — members of the media cover the news they feel is important at the moment.

We might not agree with their feelings or even understand their thinking much less what makes them tick but the message here is clear; news coverage of crowdfunding campaigns is very unpredictable but possibly very rewarding.

Promoting a crowdfunding campaign is a task of patience and persistence with no way of knowing in advance what crowdfunding results you may enjoy from media outreach – if any. Time for a time-proven cliche; nothing ventured, nothing gained.