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out of the box crowdfunding marketing ideas

Out of the Box Crowdfunding Marketing Ideas

Out of the Box Crowdfunding Marketing Ideas – Plan for Crowdfunding Success

Even though their average success rate is 50%, crowdfunding campaigns have become increasingly popular, taking this way of financing from alternative obscurity to the mainstream. Most money raised in such a way is for business and entrepreneurial purposes, but campaigns work perfectly too when it comes to financing different social causes or raising money for movies, music, and events. Out of the box crowdfunding marketing ideas can make all the difference.

So, rather than risking your personal savings or getting an expensive loan, you can try to raise funds you need with the help of a crowdfunding event.

This way you’ll minimize potential risks that every venture brings. In order for your crowdfunding event to be successful, you need to promote it properly. Here are a couple of out of the box crowdfunding marketing ideas that you can use.

Make a Day-to-Day Plan

One of the surefire ways to increase the odds of your event being a triumph is by making a day-to-day crowdfunding marketing plan ahead of time and sticking to it. This way you can avoid the gap which happens in the middle of your campaign when your public’s enthusiasm starts to wane and the sense of urgency hasn’t yet kicked in.

Your campaign needs to cover all the phases of promotion, so think of all the ways you can engage your audience and spark their interest. Whether it’s an SMS you’ll send to your colleagues and your friends to let them know about your idea, a social media post to remind people when and where the event will take place, or a thank you email to those who were in attendance and donated some money, make sure you’ve got everything covered and marketing activities for each day planned.

Tell Your Story

If you want your crowdfunding event to live up to your expectations, your audience has to understand your motivation and trust you.

Your potential guests and supporters want to feel as if they are taking part in something that has a meaningful purpose and that is greater than themselves, which means that you have to be pretty convincing when explaining your idea.

Don’t forget that you’re practically asking people you don’t personally know to give you some money. In other words, before they put their hands in their pockets, they will need to know how you came up with that idea, why you believe that it would work, and most importantly, how you plan to use the money they donate.

Sharing your own personal story and explaining why this cause is so important to you will help you come off as genuine and attract the ones who share your values. It’s a good idea to illustrate your narrative with some great photos and videos.

Visually oriented content will make your story more lively, credible, and much easier to grasp.

Make It Run Like Clockwork

Although crowdfunding mainly takes place only online, having a physical event has numerous benefits such as having an opportunity to showcase your project, pitch to your donors, and thank them in person.

It can’t be denied that face-to-face approach can be particularly effective when it comes to convincing people to invest in your project.

However, if you want to achieve your financial goals, your event has to be well organized.

This includes taking care of things such as finding the right venue, hiring a professional catering company, inviting potential speakers and guests who’ll support you, and making sure that all the tech equipment works.

There are numerous other small but important tasks, and it’s virtually impossible for you to manage all this and host the event. So, instead spreading yourself too thin, think about hiring an event planner to help you out and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

out of the box crowdfunding marketing ideas

Leverage Social Media

These days it’s hard to imagine any promotion without social media.

Use all available channels to spread the word about your event, but focus on the ones that your target audience prefers.

It’s counterproductive to spam your friends and followers with a number of posts which will congest their feeds, but having a post or two every day can do wonders for generating engagement. If you manage to strike the chord with your audience, they will re-share your posts and expand your reach additionally.

Here’s what to include in your social media posts:

  • Share your milestones. Inform your supporters about your progress and celebrate each milestone publicly on social media. It’s important both for increasing your engagement and maintaining the transparency which is crucial when it comes to financial matters.
  • Keep your audience posted on a regular basis. Share photos, videos or blog posts relevant to your event and its cause.
  • Show gratitude to your donors for their support.
  • Talk about the rewards and incentives in order to encourage your potential donors to participate.

Give Incentives and Rewards

Campaigns which add perks in exchange for support raise 143% more money than those which don’t.

Even though this approach requires additional costs, if you do the math you can conclude that investing in rewards and incentives can help you collect more money.

It’s important to figure out what rewards will be attractive to your audience, and you can check out what kinds of incentives used others who hosted similar crowdfunding events.

Sometimes even simple, handwritten thank you note is enough.

Other options include VIP seatings, backstage access, discount tickets, or some merch – whatever fits your budget.

Use PR

In order to host a successful crowdfunding event, you’ll need journalists and the press to validate it. Out of the box crowdfunding marketing ideas must include a publicity push.

There are thousands of events and as many crowdfunding campaigns around, and you want yours to stand out and generate attention, so you’ll need to pitch it to the media too. Crowdfunding PR is what Crowdfund Buzz is all about.

That’s when you’ll want Crowdfund Buzz to use all of our PR chops, and do our best to make your story appealing to the right journalists, which can be quite a challenging task.

The tricky part is that journalists don’t work for you – their readers’ best interest comes first, so make sure to reframe the story in a manner that will show them why your crowdfunding event should be promoted in a favorable way.

On the other hand, bloggers would be willing to put in a good word for you if you incentivize them. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should bribe them in order to publish misleading information. It’s more about sharing the same values. And the incentive is just a plus.

The power of media coverage lies in the fact that the space you get for your event’s promo is the one you’ve earned and not paid for, so it makes your efforts look genuine and your event even more appealing and authentic.

It takes a lot of time and energy to properly promote, organize, and host your next crowdfunding event. The stakes are high and it’s important to follow these marketing tips and ideas and generate buzz and attract as many people as possible.

Michael Deane is one of the editors of Qeedle, a small business magazine. When not blogging (or working), he can usually be spotted on the track, doing his laps, or with his nose deep in the latest John Grisham.