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New Crowdfunding Platform 1Dollar1Home: Changing the World a Dollar at a Time.

Focused solely on people with urgent needs for cash to deal with a personal crisis, Doug Boateng is on a mission to change the world one dollar at a time., a micro-donations and do-good crowdfunding community purely for social causes with an emphasis on personal needs such as a family facing crisis, has launched and is underway in doing good in the world.

The social change donation platform aims to change the way the world views philanthropy and giving, one dollar, one donation and one story at a time. 1Dollar1Home is approaching the world of crowdfunding in a whole new way through stories instead of crowdfunding campaigns. While crowdfunding projects certainly tell a story – which is standard operating procedure for any successful crowdfunding campaign – Doug and his team has taken this concept to the next level.

That’s because the founders built their crowdfunding platform from the ground up by combining generosity and collaboration with no economic barriers. Anyone captivated by one of the stories found on 1Dollar1Home can give as little as $1 to help and make a difference.

While other crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and GoFundMe facilitate crowdfunding for those in need, what sets apart from the rest are two critical elements:

1) Their crowdfunding platform is extremely easy to use. Literally anyone can put together their story, post it and even share it in roughly five minutes. There are no barriers to understanding how to write a story, add some pictures and launch it. Signing in can be as simple as using one’s own Facebook or Google+ account – or standard email address if preferred.

2) Their crowdfunding fees are among the lowest we’ve ever seen. They charge just 2% of all funds raised – even if a crowdfunder doesn’t hit their goal. Other platforms charge anywhere between 5% to 9% for similar crowdfunding services.

Clearly, 1Dollar1Home is on a mission to do good by letting crowdfunders in urgent need keep more of the money they raise.

Another refreshing change is their upfront approach in telling crowdfunders to be realistic with their funding goals. I quote this right from their FAQ page – “Please set reasonable and achievable goals and fund it with our community.”

1Dollar1Home’s creation was inspired by the idea that generous strangers can collaborate to use as little as one dollar to make a difference in a person’s life or home and change their Story. “Even a really small donation can be impactful for an individual or a family, if it comes from a user that has a network of friends in their social circle who can chip in a small amount. We’re changing how individuals view philanthropy.” according to founder Doug Boateng.

After a 1Dollar1Home Story is published there’s just one thing left to do; crowdfunding advertising. After all, 1Dollar1Home is a crowdfunding platform and advertising a crowdfunding campaign is a critical element to total success.