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“An essential component of wisdom is the knowledge that man’s failure to understand truth does not make it untrue.”

Project Prometheus: Marketing & PR Learning Resources

It’s been our experience that too many people have a misunderstanding of crowdfunding marketing and public relations which doom them to crowdfunding failure.  We base our conclusion on the thousands of hours of conversations we’ve had with clients and potential clients over the years while making observations based on the outcomes of those conversations and their decisions.  It got to the point where we were spending too much time trying to educate people in a general sense and replace the misconceptions most people have about crowdfunding PR and marketing with reality.

After doing some soul searching we were forced to realize that we’re publicists, not professors.  We no longer see it as our personal mission to educate the unenlightened and set them on the right path through personal coaching and Q&A sessions not directly related to our specific services.

HOWEVER, we do a feel a sense of responsibility in helping people gain a clear understanding of crowdfunding marketing which includes PR activity.

Advertising and public relations is the cornerstone of the success of any business.  Having a good working knowledge of the marketing world gives you an edge to succeed not just in crowdfunding but in the business world itself.

Business leaders like CEOs as well as any professional serious about succeeding in the business world are always acquiring new knowledge.  The best CEOs read a new book every week.  As the CEO/business leader of your crowdfunding campaign you need to stay informed, up to date and educated on every aspect of your business if you want to succeed.

Why did we call this page Project Prometheus? Any good publicist or advertising professional will tell you it’s all about messaging.  So why Prometheus? In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a colossal figure  who, among other things, was credited (blamed?) for defying the ruling gods of Olympus by stealing fire and giving it to humanity, an act that enabled enlightenment and civilization. Prometheus is known for his intelligence and as a champion of mankind.

The resources we’ve curated here will not only put you on a firmer footing with promoting a crowdfunding campaign, but also empower you to run a successful business in the future.   Of course there’s much more out there so we encourage you to explore.

What is Public Relations? What Does a Publicist Do?

Public relations professionals (publicists) draw media attention to their clients hoping that print, online and/or broadcast journalists will decide that there is a story worth covering through their paper, magazine, website or TV/radio show. PR professionals try to gain publicity for their clients. The goal of a publicist is to raise public awareness, build brands and get people to purchase your product, promote your idea, or support your position.

When it Comes to Crowdfunding Public Relations Our Boss Howard Sherman is Always in Boss Mode.  See for yourself…

First and Foremost: Why Crowdfunding Public Relations Beats Advertising 90% of the time:

The Real Difference Between PR And Advertising

This an excellent introduction to the topic of public relations. The most interesting part pertaining to what WE do with crowdfunding PR will be found starting at the 8:55 time mark. From here take a deeper dive below.

Professor Carolyn Mae Kim of Biola University lays out an incredible foundation to understand Public Relations. We suggest watching all 11 videos.

This panel discussion facilitated by the University of Chicago includes top promotion professionals from Google and Kraft Foods as well as experienced copywriters conveying what promotion is, how reaching the public works AND how public reaction really works.

Social media as a powerful public relations tool. This TEDx talk points the way to the future of crowdfunding PR.

Dr. Donald K. Wright, Harold Burson Professor and Chair in Public Relations of Boston University examines the increased use of social media which really picked up speed as far back as 2008.  Clearing crowdfunding social media activities are a powerful aspect of crowdfunding success.

Philip Kotler is an American marketing author, consultant, and professor; currently the S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His educational background includes Harvard University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of Chicago.


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Speaking of MIT, this FREE COURSE on marketing management is available directly from MIT. You can take this marketing course online or download all of the course material. Additional marketing education delivered by MIT can be found here.

This article could easily be called “No Plan = No Backers: How to Build a Profitable Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy.”

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