Crowdfunding Public Relations That Builds Buzz Every Time.

Low Cost PR Tips to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

In this crowdfunding blog article we’ll discuss some efficient yet inexpensive PR tips to help promote a crowdfunding campaign without breaking the bank. The present day PR world has seen a drastically expanded scope of reach when it comes to a press release which translates to potentially huge crowdfunding gains without spending a whole lot of cash.

As we’ve noted on this blog before, not only is the press release alive and well – it’s more useful than ever before. Extending beyond sharing the news of any singular event (such as launching a crowdfunding campaign), a press release can expand public awareness of the brand behind the campaign – be it a company or a personality. There’s also the fact that a brand’s website – be it for a person or a company – is prominently linked to from the press release on top of the fact that the search engines index and keep press releases findable for eternity.

Long story short? Your product, your service, your company and even you as a human being is in some essence immortalized thanks to your press release being preserved for eternity on the Internet. News of you who you are, what you’ve done or are trying to do is out there forever just waiting to be discovered by people searching for what it is what you did, wanted to do or are indeed doing.

Let’s not forget the primary objective of a press release. Although the mission of a crowdfunding press release has grown beyond its original scope in many significant ways, the methodology of press release distribution hasn’t changed at all.

The fastest, least expensive way to distribute a press release is through a newswire. Paid press release distribution services typically use one newswire to get the news out there. We here at Crowdfund Buzz have earned the bragging rights to say we submit every crowdfunding press release to THREE different newswires thus increasing the probability of crowdfunding success.

Not stopping there, clients at our top three service tiers also enjoy targeted press release distribution to the most relevant media outlets that cover the kind of news the press release talks about. What we do is get in direct touch with the most relevant news websites, media channels, specialized industry online magazines and/or blogs to get the news delivered right in front of the eyes of the editors, reporters, bloggers and journalists who will care about it the most.

Whether you hire us or not to promote a crowdfunding project, an efficient crowdfunding PR strategy must be targeted towards specific communities, journalists, and bloggers that are relevant to your campaign. At times, a limited budget may make your PR efforts look extremely insufficient. However, there are a number of low cost PR alternatives that are proven to bring results without breaking the bank.

Your first job will be to build rapport with bloggers and journalists through Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as the blogs and websites they write for . Many crowdfunders make the mistake of pitching their product, story, and idea to a member of the media before developing any rapport with these bloggers and journalists. Stand out from the masses by not asking for a favor in your very first email to someone who is influential and can further your cause. Familiarize yourself with them by reading their content, commenting on their posts, retweeting their tweets, sending emails, and responding to their questions. After you’ve done this for at least a few days, you can safely say you built rapport – at least at some level. Having formed a bond with them, your pitch will have a much higher chance of being noticed and recognized.

Never make the mistake of sending too many messages to your target group. Doing this is committing the cardinal sin of spamming and spamming never works.

Repeat after me: Spamming anybody never, ever works. We’ve touched on this topic before with regard to spamming journalists.

Instead, you should focus only on certain types of messages. Try to find out why a blogger or journalist may mention your crowdfunding campaign. Highlight how your campaign can benefit them or make sense to their readers. Go through their LinkedIn posts and tweets to find out their topics of interest and join those conversations in a meaningful way.

Creating content is another surefire method to stand out from most other marketers. You can create links to your campaign by writing guest posts that are relevant to the blog topic of your influencers. Links are like votes; the more links your campaign crowdfunding campaign gets the more popular it can become.

Bear in mind that it’s your job to make it easier for bloggers and journalists to write about your venture. Create an impressive landing page and have your published press releases easily accessible because most of your influencers will be understandably curious about about publications where your crowdfunding project was featured.

You also need to be diligent in staying up to date with industry trends, trending conversations and related topics to your crowdfunding campaign. Your ability to identify trending topics that relate in some way to your project or product and act on the information can be a game changer for your project. Your venture may benefit certain readers leading to some fruitful crowdfunding media coverage. Also, spend some time to identify community or niche members that are influencers in their own right and could have a stake in the success of your crowdfunding project.