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The Kickstarter Potato Salad Paradigm

$45,000 raised on Kickstarter for Potato Salad? Dig in!

It’s out there. On Fox News, CNN, in the newspapers and a dozen or so blogs. With much more media coverage still to come I’m sure.

Zack Danger Brown launched a crowdfunding campaign to make potato salad. His crowdfunding goal was $10.

As I write this he’s at $45,291. I saw $1 get ticked off the total of $45,292 before that. It changed as I blinked.

Yesterday the Kickstarter Potato Salad project was at $70,000+. Kickstarter discovered three separate $10,000 backers were bogus which brought Zack down to a mere $40,000.

24 hours later – as of right now – he rebounded nicely racking up another $5,000.

Whatever may come next for this crowdfunding campaign one thing is already clear; the entire crowdfunding paradigm has been turned on its ear.

Zack isn’t crowdfunding to build a school, develop a breakthrough medical treatment, shoot a new film, publish a book, release a new album or get the next cutting-edge smart home technology ready for mass production.

His only goal is the mass production of potato salad to feed the legions of people who will eventually show up in Columbus, Ohio to eat potato salad. He invited the whole Internet. Why? He hit his $3,000 crowdfunding stretch goal.

At the $1 perk level he’ll post a thank you on his website. As of this moment that’s 1,677 people to thank.

That’s a lot of typing.

What really made my jaw drop is the utter absence of the usual reasons to back a crowdfunding project, the alluring rewards backers will get and the noble purpose of moving mankind forward.

Crowdfunding talk across the Internet – including several crowdfunding LinkedIn groups I’m involved with – leads to a gigantic collective question mark. Nobody understands how this crowdfunding campaign took off, what’s fueling it’s incredible success or why so many people (5,500+ as of this moment) are willing to part with their money for no good reason.

With hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns under my belt and over 2,000 for the company in total I thought I saw it all.

Until I saw a potato salad crowdfunding campaign raise over $45,000 with more money coming in every hour and 22 days still to go.

Before I clicked the publish button I decided to check just one more time — he’s now at $45,301. That’s $19 in crowdfunding raised in the few scant minutes it took me write this blog post.