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How to Promote a CrowdFunding Project with Reality

One of the most common questions we’re asked about promoting crowdfunding projects is a very natural one – “What kind of results can I expect from promoting our crowdfunding project?”

And we always give a very honest, realistic answer – “We don’t know.”

Nobody can predict which crowdfunding projects gain legs and pick up momentum. Some go viral and explode – often times exceeding the funding goal. We ought to know – we helped many of our clients achieve these results. In other cases, interest in the project is lackluster. Why? There’s no way to be sure. Why do people choose to fund a koala bear refuge in Australia but not back a campaign to get people with special needs free service dogs? Is the koala bear somehow more deserving of a place to live than a blind person who can’t afford the thousands of dollars for a service dog to help with his daily life?

Crowdfunding promotion is a mixed bag because there’s no way to predict what campaigns are going to set people on fire to buy into a crowdfunding project that is raising funds for a new pair of sunglasses or new wifi-enabled smart home device. When you promote a crowdfunding project you’re engaging in market research of a kind — will the public buy your new wallet design? Will they purchase a tin of tea with healing properties? Or will they not?

In a sense you’re testing your product or service with the cheapest form of marketing research possible — the public reviews your crowdfunding project and either they take out their wallet or they don’t. Every donation is a vote. With enough votes you can be fairly sure you’ve got a winner and have the funds in place to go ahead and bring your product to market.

It’s a little more difficult to gauge the success of a crowdfunding project geared towards a worthy cause. Every crowdfunding promotion campaign we’ve ever run for a cause have all been worthy and noble and, to be fair, no one is better than another. Helping people, animals or the environment are all worthy causes and it’s far too subjective to suggest that a campaign to help orphans in Nepal is somehow more noble than helping at-risk kids in Los Angeles stay away from drugs, off the streets and out of gangs wouldn’t be fair.

In the end we here at CrowdFundBuzz.Com will do everything in our power to promote your crowdfunding campaign to as many people as possible so the masses can land on your crowdfunding project, look over your offer and decide for themselves.