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How to Convince Skeptical Backers to Contribute to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Objections from skeptical customers can be a major roadblock slowing down the success of any crowdfunding campaign. No matter how well you prepare and present your project, there will be objections from prospective backers. However, there’s no reason to lose heart because objections aren’t necessarily bad for your project. In fact, these objections indicate people’s interest in your project. Also, it is possible to convert these people from doubters to backers if you are ready to follow some surefire objection handling tips.

Before getting into the objection handling techniques, it is important to understand that most of these objections are either emotional or rational (or perhaps both) in nature. Emotional objections are more about a person’s perceptions that can be overcome by persuading them. Most of these objections are concerning their fear of using a credit card, apprehensions about a scam, etc. Sometimes one may even feel that the campaign is doing pretty well, and his/her contribution would not make much of a difference.

The rational objections, however, are more serious in nature and it is important to address these concerns properly. The most common objection is encountered when your prospective backers are not able to trust your ability to pull off the project. Another serious problem may arise with crowdfunding campaigns that do not provide enough information about the probable and/or intended use of funds received. This is why we always suggest our clients to go ahead and provide a detailed breakdown of costs in their project page. Sharing loads of relevant information helps build your credibility amongst people who are not ready to trust you easily.

Rational objectives can actually give impartial feedback about your project based on which you can improve the same. As the crowdfunding project owner, you must approach all these objections positively and address them right away. Always remember that by putting forward their objection, your prospective backers are just requesting you to slow down and clarify certain points or tell them more about the project. This is where your selling skills will play a role in convincing these people. Also, never ignore an objection thinking that it is an exception.

One of the best ways to keep objections away is to involve your prospective backers in your decision making process. For example, you can ask for their suggestion regarding your perks. If your project is about a product or service, you can request them to ask for some additional features that they may want. Be sure to provide frequent project updates to your crowdfunding campaign backers and ask them to share your project with their social media connections. This will directly involve them in your project and make them feel (quite rightly) they are a part of your crowdfunding campaign promotion team. Do whatever you can to make sure that all your prospective backers get attached to your project both financially and emotionally.

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