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How to Advertise a Crowdfunding Project 24×7

Recently we’ve noticed that a lot of our clients haven’t been tracking the results of their crowdfunding campaign promotion as best they can and often reach out to us with performance concerns only after precious days have passed.

As we all know, each and every crowdfunding campaign is a game of “beat the clock” in the sense of reaching the crowdfunding goal before the crowdfunding campaign ends.  Every day that passes is a day of missed opportunities.

To that end we just rolled out a new 24×7 campaign monitoring and management service that will keep a close eye on all of the promotion efforts on our crowdfunding projects and let us know which campaigns are heading in the right direction and which campaigns need a course correction.

When we see campaigns responding particularly well to a given approach (e.g. an effective Tweet or Facebook post) we’ll tweak that a little bit and see if we can gain even better results.

When we notice a campaign is not performing as well as we expect it to we’ll take a similar approach and make an adjustment to our crowdfunding promotion efforts and observe the results.  Now we’re able to do this every day in real-time to help our clients achieve their crowdfunding goals without losing even a precious minute of time.

To cut to the quick: We’ll work 24×7 on advertising your crowdfunding campaign so you don’t have to.