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Hitting a Crowdfunding Goal with a Network

Hitting a crowdfunding goal with a network – and only a network – is possible.

Conventional wisdom dictates that hitting a crowdfunding goal happens through a convergence of multiple crowdfunding activities. Until now. See for yourself…

hitting a crowdfunding goal with a network

What if I were I tell you a personal crowdfunding campaign raised over $50,000 in 12 days AND that the project was exactly two sentences long containing exactly 20 words? Would you believe me?

I hope you do….

Here’s an interesting parallel question: How do you raise $50,000 in just 12 days with ZERO crowdfunding marketing or ANY crowdfunding PR?

Two questions with one answer: You have an EPIC network. A COLOSSAL network. A connected network like no other.

Check out this Indiegogo Generosity campaign and see for yourself.

I stumbled upon this crowdfunding campaign while conducting my usual daily research and was stunned by this discovery.

It took me a solid hour to find out that this project was to handle all of the details of the funeral of Rabbi Beryl Epstein.

I was able to find a total of five articles announcing his passing – four of them being obituaries – and only one of them had a link to the Generosity page.

This piece of crowdfunding history is profound in the pursuit of the ever elusive goal of every crowdfunder: hitting a crowdfunding goal.

With this discovery the paradigm of crowdfunding success has taken on the same approach one would take when it comes to weight loss.

When you want to lose weight you have two choices: eat less or exercise or some combination of the two.

Crowdfunding success follows a similar trajectory; hitting a crowdfunding goal happens through crowdfunding promotion or your network or usually a combination of the two.

This crowdfunding success shows us that a network can trump promoting a crowdfunding campaign and makes one thing clear; your personal and professional network can accelerate your path to success in hitting a crowdfunding goal. I need to add that you shouldn’t even think about emulating their success as I have never seen the power of a network ALL ON ITS OWN help somebody in hitting a crowdfunding goal. It’s almost always a mix of promoting a crowdfunding campaign AND your network. The moral of the story; your network can be a POWERFUL factor in achieving crowdfunding success.