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HeadFunder: A New Crowdfunding Platform With Old School Value

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…
… which is the fairest crowdfunding platform of them all?”


How fair? They charge just 2% for all fixed funding crowdfunding campaigns and just 4% for crowdfunding projects with flexible funding.

There are no upfront fees of any kind either.

The fine people at the other crowdfunding platforms out there should be afraid. Very afraid.

If that’s not fair enough already let me tell you about The Magic Box. Each month HeadFunder lets the crowdfunders who use their platform vote on where 10% of HeadFunder’s monthly earnings are given. HeadFunder nominates crowdfunding campaigns for placement into the Magic Box that they feel are spreading positivity to the world.

If you’re thinking that good customer service will suffer because of their lower prices then think again.

HeadFunder’s customer service is actually the best we’ve ever seen on a crowdfunding platform. If you’ve run a crowdfunding campaign before and needed any help all you could do is send an email and wait hours or even days for a reply.

HeadFunder has live chat to give you all the crowdfunding support you need whenever you need it.

What else does HeadFunder bring to the crowdfunding platform? Their own social network platform which is an integral part of their crowdfunding platform. That means a crowdfunding campaign can go viral faster than ever before.

From everything we can see, HeadFunder is a game changer in the world of crowdfunding platforms letting crowdfunders keep more of the money they raise through their crowdfunding campaigns.

If you’re planning on launching a crowdfunding project in the near future you should plan on checking out HeadFunder.