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Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed – Guest Post by Stewart Dunlop

If done right, crowdfunding can be an interesting (and desirable) alternative to loans and looking for investors to finance your business and ideas. However, even though there are lots of well-designed crowdfunding platforms and many people are interested in supporting good ideas, only around 30% of these campaigns get to reach their goals. The key to crowdfunding success is to get your crowdfunding campaign noticed.

While some may indeed lack structure or ingenuity, there are many interesting projects that go unnoticed by the public. This happens because the campaign initiators don’t know how to promote their ideas and attract reliable sponsors. Crowdfunding marketing is the key.

So, if you’re planning on raising funds through crowdfunding, you must make sure the project is supported by a solid crowdfunding marketing strategy that lets the right people know about your plans. Since not everyone is a marketing genius, we’ll talk about the steps one needs to take in order to get the ball rolling.

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

#1: Know your Target Audience

In the case of a crowdfunding campaign, the target audience is represented by people and companies who would be interested in investing in your project.

This makes this step a bit different than a regular marketing campaign that’s usually focused on selling a finite product or service. Still, the principle is the same: you need to know how your target audience thinks and what would motivate them to invest.

For this, it helps to create a persona of your ideal supporter. Details such as location, age, gender, interests, education level, job title, and more are crucial in understanding the people you are addressing. Once you know who you are actually talking to, it will be easier to create a message and shape a campaign that actually strikes a chord (or more).

#2: Learn from the Competition

Even when your idea is completely unique, there will be other projects or established businesses on the market that resemble it.

But this shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your own path! Even more, you can use the competition to your own advantage.

By running an analysis of their activity on the market and their most successful crowdfunding marketing campaigns, you get valuable data on customers, useful practices, and things you can do better or different. You are basically learning from their mistakes, which is a helpful tool.

Moreover, you can take a look at successful crowdfunding campaigns (even though they’re not connected to your niche) and learn from their approach.

#3: Find the Best Promotion Channels

Starting with the right crowdfunding platform and ending with the materials, perks, and tools you use to impress the target audience, it’s crucial to select the right channels.

For instance, many crowdfunding campaigns were promoted on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, while others went viral due to YouTube videos. Moreover, by going through the second step (studying your competition) it’s easier to learn about the channels that worked for their campaigns and analyze the results without investing too much time and effort.

Overall, a crowdfunding campaign will benefit from promotion on various online channels, but it’s crucial to extend your reach according to your target audience’s preferences. Also, make sure to avoid trying the ‘spray and pray’ technique where you promote the campaign in every channel that comes your way.

This approach will deplete your funds and exhaust your resources of time and people without any palpable results. Moreover, it will be increasingly more difficult to keep track of your progress.

So, start by identifying the channels that work best for most campaigns (such as Instagram, which is a fantastic medium for ingenious campaigns) and work your way up to selecting the ones that work for the audience you want to address.

While it may not be a booming success, your campaign will have a lot more pull when you’re using the right channels! That’s essential to get your crowdfunding campaign noticed.