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from crowdfunding to sharktank

From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank

From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank – Leveraging Crowdfunding Success

Kickstarter campaigns end up on TV more often than you might think.  From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank is something we wrote about before. The serious entrepreneur sees Kickstarter as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.  The goal is not a successful crowdfunding campaign in and of itself but market validation of the product or service which drives company growth.  Crowdfunding success on Indiegogo or Kickstarter is a critical component of getting that validation.  It’s the best kind of market research you can ever do.

That’s because typical consumer surveys and researchers ask people IF they like something or IF they would buy it which leads to conclusions.  With crowdfunding you’re not asking IF they will buy something — you are offering them the opportunity to buy it.  And every time they do you get closer to proof of concept for your product.

That’s exactly what Final Straw accomplished which brought them from crowdfunding to Shark Tank on the premier episode of Season 10.

Emma Cohen and Miles Pepper pitched Final Straw on the season premier of Shark Tank season one.  This collapsible, portable and reusable drinking straw was a game changer in helping the environment through eliminating the use of millions of disposable plastic straws.  Disposable plastic straws not only end up in landfills they also end up in the ocean and in the stomachs of citizens of the seas, often to sad and painful endings.

Resident crowdfunding PR expert Howard Sherman spoke with Miles on the phone a couple of times and while he decided not to go with our top tier crowdfunding promotion service he was very happy to benefit from our social media promotion.

Final Straw is a reusable, stainless steel straw with soft tips on each end. The straw folds up into several pieces. It’s small enough to fit in a key chain carrier the size of most car key remotes. Each Final Straw comes with a mini squeegee to clean the insides. They’re dishwasher safe, too. This is definitely a case of finding a need and filling it; millions of plastic straws are discarded every day and California has banned plastic straws altogether.

FinalStraw took advantage of a national trend to ban or otherwise shun plastic straws and other single use plastic items that pollute oceans and harm wildlife. Hardly a day goes by without a story of a dead marine animal dying due to ingesting tossed-away plastics such as six pack rings, bags, straws and more besides.

Coast to coast, local governments are imposing bans and restrictions on plastic straws as companies like Starbucks take it a step further and make plastic straws unavailable in the first place.  Since nature abhors a vacuum and the most profitable business ideas solve pressing problems, it’s easy to see how FinalStraw made it from crowdfunding to Shark Tank in less than a year.

We helped FinalStraw raise nearly $2 million which enabled them to get on Shark Tank.  Imagine what we can do for your crowdfunding campaign.  Get started today and find out.