Free Crowdfunding Promotion

Free Crowdfunding Promotion ?? Here’s everything you need to know about my free vacation giveaway which could end up being free crowdfunding advertising for you… Or even BETTER than free…

Dear Crowdfunder,

High quality, result-driven free crowdfunding promotion is real. You’re doing your research and continue to study every aspect of crowdfunding to make sure your campaign is as successful as possible.  I salute you for that.  The thing is, as you do more fact finding you end up with a dizzying array of opinions and experiences.

When it comes to promoting a crowdfunding campaign either the company sucks, is a scam or is totally great! How much of this is the result of fake reviews, actual experience or a simple misunderstanding is impossible to know.

Everybody looking for crowdfunding promotion is on the phone with different companies, hearing ten different stories and ten different reasons why that company is #1, the best, blah blah blah.

To be perfectly blunt, most people’s built-in bullshit detector overloads leaving the crowdfunder confused and unsure of what to do.

The only thing the crowdfunder is certain off, and I am sure you will agree, is that they don’t want to throw their money away on crowdfunding promotion that doesn’t work.

This has turned into an endless game where too many people are wasting too much time and money. As a five year veteran of battlefield proven crowdfunding promotion my conclusion can be summarized in one word: ENOUGH.

Why Am I Offering Free Crowdfunding Promotion?

Over the years there is one question I’ve heard too many times from too many people: “Are your crowdfunding public relations services guaranteed?”

Other derivatives of that question include:”How do I know this will work?” “What happens if I don’t get any backers?” “Why should I risk my money?” etc etc.

Wait here’s my favorite – “We don’t want to risk any money up front.  We’ll pay you a percentage of whatever we raise.”

That always leads to a lengthy discussion starting with the fact that, as a crowdfunding PR firm, we CANNOT accept percentages.  Then we go into the necessity of taking risk in business to succeed, how promoting a crowdfunding campaign is absolutely necessary, etc. etc. And we make it abundantly clear that offering any guarantees of crowdfunding success through public relations, advertising, etc. is absolutely impossible.  The best example of this to day is the famous J Peterman Kickstarter campaign.    I send people to our crowdfunding blog so they can read over the years of articles and zillions of examples, including lots of quotes from respected business professionals from every sector in the business world.  They read all the case studies.  They analyze the campaign examples.  They study the charts.

Still — too many people refused to take a chance.  Their fear of loss was more powerful than their desire to gain.  As a result, their crowdfunding campaign failed.  In too many cases to count, they don’t even raise one dollar.

This has been the single biggest challenge to running Crowdfund Buzz over the years and something I’ve been wrestling with for years.

Not anymore.

People that know me will tell you I never quit.  Not at anything.  I just keep on working on a problem until I discover the best possible solution. I am relentless to the point of pushing the boundaries of reason.  It almost always pays off.  It did this time.  BIG TIME.

Streamlining our crowdfunding PR services and giving away a free vacation eliminates your risk and any guesswork. Clients never have to worry again if they are risking their money or wasting precious dollars.  When you sign up for this special offer you get your free travel certificate no later than the next business day. You have seven days to redeem it and up to eighteen months to use it. Yes indeed, friends and neighbors! Free crowdfunding promotion is real.  And it’s real good..

You’re Charging Money So How is This Free Crowdfunding Promotion?

That’s easy. If you order our Premier crowdfunding PR package at $999 and decide to select Cancun for your free vacation stay I’m giving you over $1,000 in luxury accommodations. What’s your net cost for our crowdfunding public relations services? ZERO.

Go with our Preferred plan at $499 and pick Orlando for 4 days/3 nights and you’re getting  a $500 resort stay. Easy math; you pay $499 for crowdfunding marketing services and you receive a $500 vacation certificate. What’s the result? Your crowdfunding promotion costs you nothing.

Wait it gets better. If you purchase the Preferred package at $499 and choose to take your vacation in Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco or the other three destinations in Mexico, you’re getting a $1000 resort accommodation – for half price. What comes with that? BETTER than free crowdfunding promotion! Heck, you end up making a $500 profit on the deal!

Do the math and see for yourself – there’s no way to lose.

How Am I Able to Offer Free Crowdfunding Promotion?

When it comes to giving away free vacations  to my customers the answer is actually simple.  I stumbled on a rising star in the travel industry well on their way to dominating the travel world.  Many of their destination resorts have empty rooms at different times of the year.  Empty hotel rooms are like empty airplane seats; there’s no money to be made from an empty space.

So the resorts regularly release blocks of available rooms and literally GIVE THEM AWAY on the hopes they’re filled by guests who will spend money at their bars and restaurants, buy their suntan lotion and sun glasses, book an excursion or water skiing lessons, gamble in their casino, etc. etc.

I’m plugged into the free vacation pipeline and can literally put you up in any of eleven destinations across the United States and Mexico – and even Spain- FREE.

As a Preferred or Premier customer all you need to do is pick your destination…

Vacation Video from Crowdfund Buzz on Vimeo.

… and I’ll personally arrange for your free vacation certificate.


There really isn’t any. You do not need to participate in any timeshare sales presentations to enjoy your free vacation. HOWEVER, you will be asked if you want to participate in one in exchange for perks like a free room upgrade to a suite, comping all of your meals and beverages, etc. All you have to do is say “no” and that’s it. Or you can say yes and take your vacation to the next level. There’s no pressure and nobody will ask you again. Additional details: somebody along with you on vacation needs to be a resident of the United States or Canada for a US or Mexico vacation.  Not everybody.  Just somebody.  If you want to go to Spain, somebody staying in the free room needs to be a citizen anywhere in Europe.  Again, not everybody. Somebody. The same holds true for your 8 day/7 night stay in either Phuket or Koh Samul in Thailand; this offer is open to everyone except residents of Asian nations. .As is true with ANY resort or hotel, the occupant is responsible for any taxes and resort fees.  These are the same fees you’d pay anywhere in the world ON TOP OF your daily stay.  We give you the daily stay for free and you take care of the rest including your travel costs, meals and gratuities.

You must hurry. I am getting deluged with orders from this hyper-generous offer. And I will keep this offer available only as long as we can easily handle the response. Let’s face it; who wouldn’t want free crowdfunding promotion?

You risk nothing. I am well-known in the crowdfunding world and I protect my reputation like a bulldog protects his home. Our Better Business Bureau A+ rating and our Trust-Guard verified status is proof enough of that.

I know how difficult it is to find real, honest and expert crowdfunding promotion like this. If you aren’t ready for what I offer, that’s fine. My proven crowdfunding public relations strategies, social media tactics and media relationships are outside of the mainstream. Very few people other than seasoned professionals and veteran business owners understand them and can appreciate how well they work.

I am not out to educate you on anything. I am out to deliver the proven crowdfunding promotion services that no one else has the chops, expertise or cajones to deliver with zero-risk to you, the customer.

I’m doubling down by eliminating any risk and making this no charge to you.  Nobody does free crowdfunding promotion.  Except me.

Don’t wait on this, however. You’re getting a better deal than everyone else… but only if you act right away. You snooze, you lose.

How? Why?

The very modest fees I’m asking for all-encompassing crowdfunding PR services is pocket change for the powerful tactics and strategies you get. Some people have told me I’m not charging enough for all of the value of these services AND the free vacation I’m giving away. They might be right.

I can decide to raise the price next month, next week or even tomorrow.

Even I were to double pricing tomorrow they would still be jaw-dropping deals.

So don’t mess around. Order right now, while it’s still hot in your mind. And prepare yourself for a successful crowdfunding campaign and the dream vacation of a lifetime.

To your success,

P.S Please remember… it’s just me and a small office staff here, and we could easily get swamped by orders if this offer is ever discovered by too many people. If that happens, I will be forced to take this offer off the market. I’m not doing this to get rich.  I make plenty from my cryptocoin ventures.

No. I put together this package of free crowdfunding promotion services because I honestly want to make a difference.

So don’t delay on this. If you want it in on this deal for free crowdfunding promotion, order now and see for yourself.