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Free Crowdfunding Promotion Fails

Don’t bother with free crowdfunding promotion because you get what you get pay for.

This isn’t one of those slideshows with pictures of cheerleaders in embarrassing positions or workers caught wrecking a warehouse or burning down the office. This is a more general post that might not be as entertaining as a slideshow as “celebrities then and now” but you’ll learn a heck of a lot more. Free crowdfunding promotion fails 99.9% of the time and as a result the crowdfunding campaign fails too.

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And there’s no such thing as free crowdfunding advertising that works.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Google the terms “free crowdfunding promotion” or “advertise a crowdfunding campaign for free” or similar keywords. Then drill through all of the articles and the related comments — and check out all of the people that tried their hand at promoting a crowdfunding project for free. Follow the links to their projects and what will you see? Crowdfunding failure almost every single time.

If you’re on Facebook head over to the Facebook group called “Crowdfunding Promotion Page”. Yes that’s the name of it. Now go check out all of the different posts made by all of those people – some of them over and over again – and you’ll notice one common factor; crowdfunding campaign success is nowhere to be seen.

Scour all of the free resources out there and check the results for yourself. Results are the name of the game and measuring crowdfunding success is done one way – with dollars.

What will you find? Failed campaign after failed campaign.

Crowdfunding campaign managers that are serious about hitting their crowdfunding goals pull out all the stops. They go the extra mile with the time they devote to their crowdfunding projects, the effort they put in to campaign updates, additions and replies to comments. Successful crowdfunding campaigns also spend extra money; paying for crowdfunding advertising services and actually purchasing crowdfunding campaign promotion services is the only way to go.

Just make sure you’re spending your advertising dollars wisely. Thanks to our 100% money back guarantee on crowdfunding advertising, promoting a crowdfunding campaign with us would be a very wise decision.