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How to Find the Target Audience for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

All of us understand the importance of reaching your target audience for a crowdfunding campaign. Regardless of the nature of your product or service, the success of your campaign will rely a great deal on how well you can connect to the people who can appreciate your offer. Also, it’s seldom sufficient to start building relationships with your intended audience only after you have spent lots of time and energy building your crowdfunding project. Of equal importance to bear in mind you’re looking at an uphill task in building a fan base for a product that cannot be spawned to a market all on its own. This brief discussion will help you create a solid base of potential backers even before your project goes live.

Becoming a part of an offline or online community is a great way to let more like minded people know about your venture. We’re huge advocates on promoting a crowdfunding campaign offline as much as online. Most crowdfunders would be surprised at how effective a well-written flyer or glossy postcard handed to a real-live person as a crowdfunding promotion activity. It’s entirely possible to integrate into offline and online communities by interacting and contributing to the community in question.

However, you need to identify all potential online and offline communities you can reach out to that are in tune with the target audience of your crowdfunding project. While searching online for your target audience, you can get started with different forums, Google+ communities and related LinkedIn groups. Influential bloggers from your niche market are also useful for your project. Take a look at the Twitter followers of your influencers to have an understanding of their audience. This technique can also be used to generate leads for efficient communication using different social media platforms.
You may also consider using Google alerts to build a strong base of potential backers. This will ensure that you will receive an email notification each time your specified crowdfunding keywords are used in a blog, news article, or a website that has just been detected by a search engine. As a result, you can easily stay updated with every new introduction of content related to your target industry. Try to make the most efficient use of this tool to build a list of potential bloggers and journalists that may show interest in your project. Doing this will magnify your crowdfunding promotion efforts.

We also recommend Google search tools for anyone looking to garner support from their potential backers. This kind of crowdfunding research can be very powerful. Tools like these can be used to specify the interests, locations and even the time of the search results. While using these tools, you can also specify preferred demographics among news, discussions, blogs and books among many others. This feature will help you find out the websites and blogs that have recently written about a topic related to your keywords which gives you valuable insight empowering you in reaching potential crowfunders who would be interested in your crowdfunding campaign.

Google’s image search tool can also be helpful if you have images that were used in a successful crowdfunding project. By carrying out a Google search with this image, you can find out all online contents that have used this image. Therefore, you can find out the bloggers that have shown interest in a certain type of projects in the past.

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