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Episode 9: Rob van Haaren & His Free Crowdfunding Platform


After Rob & Caitlin got engaged, they were looking for a personal way to raise money for their honeymoon. Other crowdfunding platforms all looked pretty boring and would take $5 of every $100 that family and friends would give them.

That led them to build their own crowdfunding page and raise money without any fees. After the crowdfunding campaign, they figured that their concept could help other people turn to personal fundraising to raise money for their causes as well so they opened up CoverrMe to the public.

Now, everyone can raise money for their good causes with 0% platform fees and in a visually appealing way.

Howard tried to pick apart Rob’s claim that is truly a crowdfunding platform with 0% fees. At times sounding more like an interrogation than a podcast, you’ll learn how to run a crowdfunding campaign for any personal cause and save a lot of money in crowdfunding fees thanks to Coverrme.Com.



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