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Episode 8: Crowdfunding as The Perfect Product Launch Platform


David Tao was traveling with a friend who had all of their stuff stolen in a matter of minutes from a properly locked locker.  In public.  In broad daylight.

The entrepreneurial spirit shined on David Tao; he found a need and filled it. 

Enter TappLock.

As we recorded this podcast Tapplock’s Indiegogo project raised over $157,000 of a $40,000 goal – with nine days still to go. In this crowdfunding podcast Howard sits down with David Tao to deconstruct Tapplocks’ crowdfunding success step by step. 

Brace yourself to be amazed by watching a crowdfunding campaign success story unfold step by step:

  • How crowdfunding took an entrepreneur’s idea and turned it into a successful product.
  • The power of perfect perk pricing and the trial and error it takes to get there.
  • Why a crowdfunding campaign should never rely on a single silver bullet to hit a crowdfunding goal.
  • The little-known secret to promoting a crowdfunding campaign properly.
  • Why it doesn’t matter if your perk delivery will be delayed for a long time.
  • The power of cross-marketing a product between a website and a crowdfunding project.




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